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  1. Ok then you did just what i would have, and thanks for the heads up on what to watch for. By the look of that one gear tooth on the LH side of the photo, it was due for a swap anyway. Im starting to reassemble my sons 05 that broke 3rd, one tooth off. Could not even tell but it broke the case up top and leaked oil. Glad we parked it when we did, would have got alot worse when the next tooth broke
  2. You prob should have opened it up before this. No 4th sounds serious to me. Hopefully no case damage from the bad sounds. What did you end up finding in there?
  3. "A bearing will fit, but I’m afraid pressure could push the outer casing of bearing inward without the normal support wall that has been chewed away... " Make a sleeve up that fits over the axel bolt and holds the 2 bearings apart so the bearing can't go inward
  4. Tradebit.com $15 Split it with you unless u know that of someone that can share
  5. My son is 160 and FC said 5.0 5.3 is like 175 lbs
  6. Remove oil fill cap. Can you blow in the crankcase vent hose freely and hear it come out the oil fill? We have has the same issue with the sprocket seal though it never leaks too much There is a a sleeve around the output shaft the seal rides on. So the seal may be fine, could be the prong that seals the sleeve to the shaft. Thinking of using silicone inside the sleeve when I replace the seal. Could also be that your rings are not sealing well and you have excessive blow by past the piston into the crankcase. A leak down or compression test may be in order.
  7. Prob too many hours on the components that failed. Good to run a meter and check things every so often
  8. Agreed. Might want to buy a new rad cap with a built in temp guage. Rocky mountain has them
  9. Normal . normal. Check or top up engine oil if needed and send it
  10. Remove your timing chain so your valves stay shut. Hook you compression tester up to your air compressor and pump air into the cylinder. Listen at your carb and exhaust to be certain you have no leaks at your valves. Then if it pasts this test and the manual says your compression reading is too low you are looking at a piston replacement and have your cylinder measured by a machine shop to verify roundness, taper and overall condition. Our 05 rmz i could not kick over with the decompressor deactivated. However it only showed 65 lbs with it activated. Mind you this is the Kawasaki engine that zook used.
  11. Pressurize the rad and see where the leak(s) are, but yes prob looking for a jug
  12. tell your buddy to get his wallet out
  13. The sprockets are softer material the the output shaft, so it may be worn some
  14. Well we tore it down without riding it further. Good thing, 3rd gear had a broken tooth and the rest of 3rd were chipping, as well as the gear it run on. Poor drain plug design makes it hard to drain chips with the oil. So 2 new gears. Magnetic drain plug. Sent the crank out to have it checked. It was due so rebuilt. Head and cylinder checked out good. New seals, gaskets,timing chain, piston. Hopefully start putting it all back together this weekend.
  15. I was considering taking the die grinder to the fork cap and clearencing it out on the side. Has anyone tried that?