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  1. 3514vmach1

    Frozen Swing Arm Bolt

    I like the idea, just wish they were not so expensive. I have 3 kids might have to try to figure this one another way or build my own.
  2. 3514vmach1

    Frozen Swing Arm Bolt

    I had an entire Yz85 laying on its side in a 40 ton press for this exact reason. If a couple good shots with a hammer won't move it this is your best option imo. Too much pounding and you will swell the end of the bolt. Once you press one out you will never neglect greasing it anually. Good luck
  3. 3514vmach1

    07 150rb new owner

    Following this. I picked a 07 up for my son last summer for mx, low hours too I believe. Other then a new chain and replaced the cracked tires, oil and filters it's been gas and go. But can be a cold blooded to start cold, and harder to start then a 2 stroke if he lays it down, pretty much my only bitch. Although sometimes it goes 1st kick when layed down. Starts good hot if kept upright. Interested in tips too. Great bike otherwise.
  4. 3514vmach1

    Rebuilding a 2007 YZ250F

    If the valve seats have pits in them where the valve face touches then they need ground or new seats installed. With the head still on the engine I would removes the timing chain so the valves stay shut. Then pump air down the spark plug hole and listen for leaks into the exhaust and carb. That will be your first test of how good your valves are. Then after the head is off and valve springs removed you can try to lap them a bit just to clean them up and then inspect the seats.
  5. 3514vmach1

    2009 rm-z250 runs weird in a certain rpm range

    Could it be where the accelerator pump shot runs out of squirt as you roll the throttle on causing a lean stumble for a second until the main jet takes over the fuel flow. Does it do it at this speed regardless of weather you acellerate hard or easy? When you say a lighter load on the engine like a lower gear or can easily spin helps, it makes me think lean on fuel at that point.
  6. 3514vmach1

    Rebuilding a 2007 YZ250F

    You pretty much need to send your head out to a shop that specializes in motorcycle head rebuilding. They will be able to grind valve seats and check it replace the guides. You can pull the valves and springs out but beyond that there is not much you can do to the head without a machine shop. As for the rest of the motor there is not too many special tools you need to pull it down and inspect it and the transmission, I would check the cams closely, Imo the crank is likely straight up due to be replaced, it has lasted 2x most 2 stroke cranks but who knows it might be better then I think. We sent my rmz head out to Finish line engines as we had no idea of hours on it and thought he was very honest and fare, not just trying to sell stuff and was willing to help me through the trans and crank rebuild.
  7. 3514vmach1

    Rain, more rain, even more rain

    It's been the same out here got to ride once in Sept and now the boys biles are all sitting in the shop and it's not looking like they get any more use before winter
  8. 3514vmach1

    How to know the age of my bike

    Just search online for Suzuki vin decoder. It will tell you which characters are the one for the years
  9. 3514vmach1

    Gearbox Oil Migration

    You should be able to pressure test either cavity and find the leak. At that rate simply blowing in the vent tube with 2 or 3 psi should do.
  10. 3514vmach1

    04 RMZ250 acting really weird

    No are you talking slowly accelerate under load in gear or just in neutral. Some accelerator pump won't squirt if the throttle moves to slow. Then the pilot jet would have to flow all the fuel to sustain the engine. Have you tried moving the metering need up one notch?
  11. 3514vmach1

    05' RMZ 250 Idling issues

    Check your throttle cables for free movement and lube them. I have also seen dirt get under the twist grip and hang the throttle
  12. 3514vmach1

    89 yz 250 sputter at wot

    Oil mix won't change it. Check your float level to see if it's too high. Also make sure the choke is firmly seated. Then try lowering the needle on the carb slide. If the print is above 3/4 throttle opening then the needle does not affect it any more. Then you need to buy a smaller main jet
  13. 3514vmach1

    VIN Decoder - What year is that RMZ 250

    Being both brands where the same other then plastics color at that time it could be it is wearing the wrong color. My son wants to make his rmz into a Kx because he likes that color better
  14. 3514vmach1

    2005 rmz250 head fit on 09

    Pretty sure No. The 05 is a Kawasaki built engine where as Suzuki was building there engines again by 09
  15. 3514vmach1

    89 yz 250 sputter at wot

    You changed the plug? What jet and where is the needle set in the carb, check float level and choke to make sure it seats properly. I had a yz85 that did that above a certain rpm with the jetting that used to be perfect. Turned out in the end it wore the nikasil off the bore. Run good mid to lower rpm but missed up top.