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  1. 3514vmach1

    2017 yz250fx aluminum in oil screen and filter

    Sorry not journals but the bore the cam runs in. But I'm sure you would have felt that or hear something loose
  2. 3514vmach1

    2017 yz250fx aluminum in oil screen and filter

    Clutch basket? Can't imagine the cam journals loosing that much material and you not knowing it.
  3. 3514vmach1

    All 3 Intake valves have zero clearance! Help!

    I would think if the cam journals are pounded down over the valve buckets the head is toast unless the journal can be re-machined some how.If it needs a full valve job to boot likely cost more to fix then a new head would cost. Also definitely some lubrication problem as well.
  4. 3514vmach1

    All 3 Intake valves have zero clearance! Help!

    Low oil pressure. Infrequent oil changes. Contaminated oil ie water got in it. Cams must fit the head with correct clearance for oil pressure to float them on oil inside the journals
  5. Charging system is not maintaining your battery to 14.4 volts. A new charged up battery supplied enough voltage for the bike to run well until the voltage stored in the battery dropped. Have your charging system checked.
  6. 3514vmach1

    Float Level, gas leaking while riding 08 250f

    I meant change the float valve needle, not the slide needle. But yes I agree don't mess with the jetting part it will be enough to just change the fuel level and hope the bike still runs good.
  7. My 08 Z250f the issue Im having I think my float level is too high, the bike does not leak when sitting, but leaks while riding it with the slightest little bumps on the trail fuel runs out the overflow hose. It runs good though. If I lower the level I think it will fix this just hope I'm not going to make it go too lean. The other part is it starts well and does not seem to flood. So i hope I'm on the right train of thought lowering the level. Can't see where changing the needle will help as it does not leak sitting there with the fuel on, Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  8. 3514vmach1

    Won’t start

    But a reasonably priced manual from tradebit.com and follow the procedure. Less then a coil costs
  9. 3514vmach1

    2013 RMZ 250F NO SPARK

    Go on tradebit.com you can download manuals very reasonably there, or call you local dealer and see if they would send u a PDF of the manual with the troubleshooting procedures. You will need a multimeter at the very least.
  10. 3514vmach1

    Rmz250 backfires bad!

    Maybe a weak or broken valve spring?
  11. 3514vmach1

    Rmz 250 help

    its the choke
  12. 3514vmach1

    has anyone replaced 2016 cams or buckets

    I would think the buckets should be flat on top? It is a 4 valve head? If so both come lobes should measure the same height with a caliper to right down to .001" and also the same base circle. Does the lobes on the intake came match each other? Also on the exhaust cam both lobes should match.
  13. 3514vmach1

    Overheating? Or do mx bikes run HOTT?!

    Exhaust is paper thin material and would be fully warmed up in 1 minute of riding. Within 5 mins of riding the engine oil and coolant will be up to temp. Too hot to touch, prob even with gloves. After that if it don't boil over in the next 5 mins it's prob good. Get a it temp gun or a rad cap with a built it guage. Butoat of what you are saying sounds normal to me
  14. 3514vmach1

    2005 RM Z250 hole in crank case above tranny, runs fine

    Flying again
  15. 3514vmach1

    2005 RM Z250 hole in crank case above tranny, runs fine

    Well it took me long enough but finally got back to this project this past week and installed the rebuilt engine back into the frame. Installed rebuilt forks and shock from Factory Connection. So from a pile of parts to a running bike with the only minor hickup being the stator plug is quite stiff to seat and we had no spark because we did not get it in fully the first time around. The only other issue seem to be hot start is not great. Idles and runs ok, but shut it off and ir will need several kicks. Cold seems good. When a bike is at a warmed up idle should depressing the hot start cause the engine to slow down of it that a indication of too lean at an idle