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  1. Hucks

    Montana Riders!

    pipestone has been great this year my buddy got a 300rr and we found some gnarly single track last weekend, rode from homesteak down to 4 corners
  2. Hucks

    18’ 150.... jetting/ keihin swap?

    I swapped to a kiehin on my 300, straight from jd jetting night and day.
  3. keeping the carb as long as i can
  4. Hucks

    Montana Riders!

    Hey there Hucks. A friend and I are going to Pipestone Sunday. You and anyone else are welcome to join us. My friend usually invites some people from Bozeman where she lives, but I don't know who else is going. Wow cool! We might be headed up saturday if anything clears up sunday i will let you know
  5. Hucks

    Montana Riders!

    Whats up guys! Thought i would bump this post Ive been out a couple times and my buddy just got a 2014 beta 300 so i will be riding a lot more and college just got out. If anyone wants to setup a ride feel free to reply to this post.
  6. Hucks

    300 Spark Plug

    Actually i was told that plug was pretty spot on... and i don't run the Mikuni. Those reeds really cleared things up.
  7. Hucks

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    I never really tinker with that air screw i can move it out a full turn or in and nothing changes lmao. My 18 is running great with a JD jet kit and keihin carb along with some v-force 2 TURNS OUT RED 2ND CLIP #170 MAIN 42 PILOT 4500-5500 FEET
  8. I got a liter of motorex 2t and a new fuel jug that all for paying them 9300 last june lmao, but my 300 is built now. How was the jetting? Also take a peak at your stock reeds mine were shot from factory on my 18 yikes.
  9. Hucks

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    I tried a 5.75 and i made things worse for me jetting.
  10. Hucks

    300 Spark Plug

    18 hours just replaced reeds with VForce
  11. Hucks

    SXF-350 top end issues

    Have them fix it free, ive never seen a ktm fail like that with 6 hours, they dyno all the engines in the factory so surely something would be spotted? Maybe its time for a 300 next?
  12. That's one way to break in a brand new bike
  13. Hucks

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    Would these reed gaps effect my jetting?
  14. Hucks

    300 Spark Plug

    So i just pulled my reeds are these gaps bad?
  15. Hey guys, this is my first two stroke and im sure a lot of you have more knowledge on this i pulled my plug on my 2018 300, how does it look? Im running a keihin carb this is after about 10 hours just curious how it looks?