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  1. rotella 15w-40 in my 2018 300, i can get a gallon of it for the same price as the motorex, granted i haft to change it more often but imo its worth it.
  2. thanks guys, i still have the stock reeds in my 18, i should have checked them when i swapped the carb, but nothing was abnormal so i didn't think of it.
  3. Does it clear up anything mid?
  4. What do you notice with the V-force?
  5. $20 for one bike per month. I mainly have it encase it gets stolen.
  6. I like the the plastic AXP makes a great plate sometimes with the metal you can hear it clicking and moving also the weight you save with the plastic.
  7. The counter balance makes it night and day
  8. The last thing you wanna worry about is the fuel ratio, prepare for a lot of disappointment when you first start your new 300 right off the show room floor. Maybe start to mess around with the stock needles for a few weeks tell you end up buying the JD then from there buying a Keihin or Lectron. You won't have as many issues if you're on sea level but come up past 5k and the tears start comin.
  9. If I were to switch to saber I would run it 60:1 a lot of guys I ride with will use it around there some even 50:1
  10. Just a few pointers from the video i found interesting maybe worth a watch. All i'm saying is i would never run that lean.
  11. Those little white plastic things? Hah? Snapped off within the first 5 hours of riding for me.
  12. usually a few nights a week i skip breakfast and dinner to save money for my motorex products
  13. montana

    Wow you know the area very well! A lot better then myself and many others! I’d love to head to the other side I’ve primarily been riding on the Jerry creek side.
  14. montana

    Have your road up in jerry creek at all? It gets kinda busy on the weekends with all the OHVs.
  15. montana

    Where do you usually unload at in wise river/wisdom?