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  1. CRF_rider186

    chevy silverado?

    I forgot to mention that it will be a 4X4.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with 2000 chevy silverados. It is regular cab with short box and the 4.3L vortec. Any pros or cons would be greatly appreciated. thanks garrett
  3. I am looking at buying a tacoma between 1997 and 1999 and was wondering if anyone here knew what to look for with these trucks. As in what problems they had and such. Also, what kind of difference is there between the 2.7L and the 3.4L in gas mileage and power. Thanks in advance.
  4. CRF_rider186

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    R.I.P Gitch.
  5. CRF_rider186

    B.C. suspension shop?

    I have ridden my friends RM with Too Trick suspension and that is seriously the nicest riding bike i've ridden. I would definitly go with them.
  6. CRF_rider186

    new hear, gotta problem

    You might want to get a new powerband too. I hear the stock green ones are horrible compaired to the red or blue ones.
  7. CRF_rider186

    FMF Factory 4.1?

    If quiet with some performance gain is your concern get the FMF Q.
  8. CRF_rider186

    which to get

    I have ridden a RM250 in the trails and it was excellent. I would try and find someone that you know that has each bike and test ride them. Then pick whatever is the most comfortable.
  9. CRF_rider186

    This Hurt bad...from what I remember!!

    Wow! Very nice crash.
  10. I am between two and three seconds faster on my crf250 than i am on my friends yz125. And before you say the difference comes from being comfortable on my bike i have ridden a few 125's over the years that i have been riding.
  11. CRF_rider186

    What do you consider minimal gear?

    I wear my helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, jersey and chest protector every time i ride. I would say the minimal amount of gear is helmet and boots but i wouldn't recomend it.
  12. CRF_rider186

    07 450's

    I have only ridden the 2007 CRF450R, but i'm sure both bikes are good. Just pick a color and ride.
  13. CRF_rider186

    Fairweather Riders?

    I don't know about everyone else but i love to go have some fun in the mud.
  14. CRF_rider186

    This Hurt bad...from what I remember!!

    Wow! This thread is still going. It suprising that one of the top threads in the picture and video section has neither one.
  15. CRF_rider186

    This Hurt bad...from what I remember!!

    Well, i see i was wrong. I thought that maybe he would correct his mistake a few pages in. So i read all 6 for nothing.