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  1. Definitely, I love yellows.. RMX, RM. But I'm liking a husky now that the RMs are slowly decomposing in my thoughts. Two stroke still.. but a yellow ebike.. let me think it over.
  2. Was thinking of the same with dropping a tooth on the rear. but the jump leading to it is an long straight uphill climb, and the rest being twisty, changing sprocket is kinda out, but will give it a shot . I run 13/50. I'll be practice shifting in the air as most pros suggested so. For your appreciation, green dots are uphill climbs while the red line is my area of concern.lol. For scale purposes, shed on upper left is at aprox 3x5m. happy riding.
  3. You wouldn't need it if all you traverse just soil. But with terrains like Idaho.. most bike I've seen comes with one. and yeah.. it's a ktm. lol.
  4. lol.. you got me.. but somehow I prefer to use my old ride. Best of all, it's fully depreciated. No more cost, just gaining lots of fun and adventure.
  5. IMO, I dug the net over too many time now looking for this linkage guard for a yz250 02 model. Anybody knows a brand to fit mine as most guards are made to fit newer models.
  6. How would I practice this one out without risking too much? This could quash my balls should I fail to place my foot on the pegs properly. lol. Would A table top cut it?
  7. There's this track that I've been riding where it's got a turn before a 15ft drop with a run up of just 15 meters approaching the face. Everytime i go in, i wring the throttle full to clear the drop in 3rd, but kinda short on speed already when I land. I typically coast after landing before reaching another LH turn then shifting to 4th. I've noticed that using 3rd gear still after landing would somehow send me over the bars. I've never done it, but is it possible to shift in the air from 3rd to 4th to maximize speed when I land and not coast? Kinda scary to not be on the pegs when I land.
  8. Love the ride and the skill, but bike's way too noisy, startles wildlife. I wouldn't be riding next to it. just my 2 cent.
  9. great input. now, time to change shims again and see how it works.
  10. Ah..so it's more like number 20 on the picture. Is this correct? Where's the LS and HS in this photo? My BV actually. A straight stack.
  11. Any picture of the CLAMP you guys speak of? Kinda baffled.
  12. Been reading, we want something all the time. Always think about compromises. I've done mine, and it's fine along the trails.. but sucks big time at the tracks. Good thing I got both rear shock of a yz and a wr, interchangeable. As i see it, you can't have it all. Even pros at Erzberg.. happening right now..have different sets of suspension for prologue and the main course. Having acquired the skills to augment valve setting lately( Big thanks to all of you who helped) resolved the issue being deflecting, soft, harsh. If I wanted tracks, I bolt on the yz shocks and install extra shims on the fork. trails? Install wr shocks, take off shims. easy. Helmets up!!
  13. You got some point there. Haven't cracked the mv yet, but will get there once torrential downpour start. Keep in mind, I'm just your neighborhood bloke, you just can't trust my reviews. I doubt it myself too. lol. Will keep this updated to any changes I make.
  14. lol.. you got me laughing there. Getting the right bearing should stop it from spinning. Just like a compass would. lol