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  1. Doc Brown

    EXC300 - sound ok to you

    No you are right, I am wrong. Sorry. I removed my wrong statement. However, once the clutch is pulled the noise should at least change, but normally it gets better.
  2. KTM PowerParts Book lists them.
  3. Doc Brown

    EXC300 - sound ok to you

    Nope, no balancer shaft on the 2013.
  4. Doc Brown


  5. Doc Brown

    KTM Radiator Hose Clamp Removal-metal bands

    You can also on the TPI, it runs significantly hotter than its carbed predecessor. There are only two things you need to have an eye on: warm up takes longer if you immediately ride, so its better to warm it up before you ride (something which in fact isn't so good for any two stroke). When temperatures drop below 6° Celsius you should use a piece of cardboard to cover the left radiator otherwise the bike won't get warm enough.
  6. Doc Brown

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    If your bike runs well with the 42-75 on clip 1 this indicates that something isn't as good as it should be. It may be the needle but I doubt it. I assume you had it on clip 1 because of the typical low down burble and stutter.
  7. Doc Brown

    EXC300 - sound ok to you

    Sounds totally ok for me, I guess it's a 2017 engine or later. The new counter balancer engine is very noisy. Listen to this (brand new 2017 zero hours), it sounded like this from day one and it still does after 200hrs.
  8. Doc Brown

    Tow rope. What is good ?

    Its 4.5 meters long, thats about 15 feet. The ratchet is not on a second strap. The strap itself is about 35mm wide, thats 1.4 inches. Its this one (ecept that I shortened it from 6 meters to 4.5 meters) Sorry that the link is in German... https://lkw-spanngurte.de/Spanngurt-6m-2t-Rot-einteilig?curr=EUR&gclid=CjwKCAjwycfkBRAFEiwAnLX5IU-9AuLd3U6PrIq4FkoPRrXHgbHamI2Hcui-5JTsGmkFOWJnpXPlgxoCxQwQAvD_BwE
  9. Doc Brown

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I did on my 2017 300 EXC. It came with the Mikuni crap and I spent hours and hours to get the carb right but it never was good enough. I also tried a Lectron which was way better but not perfect though. Then I started with Keihin. First run a 38 with JD-kit, then a 36 also with JD kit. After exhausting test sessions with yellow or red springs and the two ignition curves I finally decided to take the 36 and I was very happy with it. If you like brutal power then go for red spring, standard ignition curve and a 38. If you like the best of both worlds get a 36. Its still very powerful with the red spring but has a nicer transition from low to mid range. With the yellow spring its good for hard enduro and you always have the option between the two ignition curves. Unfortunately my SSD crashed last year and I lost all my Dyno documents and pictures, its as I havent lived before 2017 However, I can say that the difference between top power was less than 3 horses but the 36 was a bit better from down low to mid. I regret that I have sold my 2017 300, but its too late now...
  10. Doc Brown

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    You maybe want to consider to get a shortbody Keihin and some good needles (JD or NEDW, NECW) ? You'll be happy with it. Ask me why I know
  11. Doc Brown

    Tow rope. What is good ?

    Often my riding buddies said there's no need for a ratchet and it's heavy and bulky and hard to carry. I don't agree its neither heavy nor hard to carry but can help you to secure a bike from falling down a steep slope until you can get help from others and it can help in many other cases. Even loose seats have been fixed with it... I only can recommend it and I see really no disadvantages.
  12. Doc Brown

    2018/19 XC300 clutch pivot bolt

    Many thanks. Appreciate your efforts!
  13. I keep my fingers crossed for you! I am sure you'll get it right, make sure that all jets and stuff are removed before the ultrasonic clean. Keep in mind that the JD kit may need a richer main jet than recommended when you do a lot of WOT, especially when racing in deep sand.
  14. Doc Brown

    Tow rope. What is good ?

    I used an old lashing strap with a ratchet. Many times it saved me or my riding buddies...
  15. Doc Brown


    I have to admit that I did not know about possible influences to the mixture due to a drop in voltage. My TPI didn't start when the battery was under 9V. @uniflow would the TPI keep running once the voltage drops that far? I don't think so but I learn new things every day.