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    Building model aircraft/ships/tanks, reading, dirt-biking, shooting an awful lot of bull
  1. Charles R. Duett

    Trying to decide between xr 400, xr 600

    I have ridden an XR600R at Hungry Valley CA 100 miles per weekend almost every weekend for 4 years. Cleaned air filter and changed oil and filter about every 4 months and she has never let me down. Yes it is heavy but you learn when and where to throw your weight in anticipation and you learn when to back off. I dropped the triple clamps about 1/4 inch and dropped the countershaft sprocket a tooth and she is a lot more fun to ride in the woods. Motor is about as bullet proof as they come. XR400R seems to have a smaller power to weight ratio. Chuck Duett
  2. Charles R. Duett

    WR250F Break In

    Hi: I broke my 03 WR250F in by riding it at various throttle setting for short durations (15 minutes or so) everyday after work. When the weekend arrived I then loaded her on the trailer, fired the engine up and let her idle while trailering her for 80 miles down the interstate to my favorite riding area. The 60MPH wind kept her temparature cool. I pegged the throttle after that. I do not know if this is the best method but after two years she is still running strong (purchased a WR450F yesterady and am planning on doing the same). Don't forget to change the oil and filter after break in and if you have the Excel rims, sheck the spokes and do a quick check of all of the nuts and bolts. Chuck
  3. Charles R. Duett

    New WR450F

    Hi: I picked up a new Californiaized (AIS system) WR450F yesterday. I have an 03 WR250F that I had the shop uncork/grey wire/re-jet/etc. Pardon my ignorance (I have been riding an XR600R for the last 5 years) but what do I need to unplug/rejet/gut from the airbox to make make her be all she can be. For any jetting reccomendations - I ride Hungry Valley California which is at an altitude of between 3000 and 6000 feet. I ride patrol as a volunteer 8 hours a day on weekends so while I want the WR to be in top tune, I need something that is managable and will not wear me out in a few hours. So far I have only ridden the girl about ten minutes (it is raining cats and dawgs and promises to do so through next Wednesday) but I am already in love with the girl. The XR and I go way back and I shall miss her but she can't hold a candle to the WR. Chuck Duett