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  1. hey i need some help finding shocks for the 150...any recomendations were i can buy?i tryed ebay but i might of been typing somin in wrong
  2. acdc555

    Bike for my wife 150 or 230

    go with the 230 she will get bored with 150 power and its and electric start
  3. how much are the cr 85 forks and shocks because my friend needs new shocks and he said he wants good ones and i told him i would check this site cause its prob. the best site about this kinda stuff. thanks who ever answers this question pat
  4. acdc555

    2 Stroke site?

  5. do you know what a good pipe would be that is quite
  6. hey my bud is thinking about the curcuit t4 pipe and i need to know if it is a quite pipe because his neighbors are jerks and he likes the pipe
  7. acdc555

    Bike for my wife 150 or 230

    i say get her a 230,she has been on a 80 and there much faster than a crf 150 and much more snappy,besides she will get bored with the 150 power and everyone says the crf 230 is a good wife bike
  8. wat kind of study is that hahahaha
  9. ok my bud wants a new exhaust system for his crf 150,i told him i have hered good reviews on the t 4...but the real question is,he needs a nice pipe, that increases speed and is quiet cause his neighbors are jerks i need an answer pretty shortly and thanks a hole bunch who ever answers this
  10. acdc555

    how fast is the drz 400

    how fast is this bike,i was riding it the other day and it had some kick to it
  11. acdc555

    Mikuni Carb for CRF 150

    just get the power up kit,to much money for a 28mm carb
  12. acdc555

    best pipe?

    i say bbr or big gun
  13. yea you can use stolk bolts and the gasket should be fine just listen for leaks
  14. acdc555

    street bike wheelie

    his insane man..thats awsome
  15. acdc555

    Add me to the injured reserve list... again!

    that sucks man get beter soon