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  1. Wondering if anyone has ever gotten any carbon fiber items from Grand Prix works? Thinking about purchasing a carbon fiber skid plate. Thoughts.

  2. Tofast4class

    TTR230 Suspension Upgrade + other mods

    Cannon is a spring manufacturer. They can coil almost anything. I know if you don't see it online to call and they will get you what you're looking for. I've had a real good experience with them so far, they've supplied me front and rears on both my KX 450 and my KTM 450fx
  3. If you're interested in snow bike springs, Cannon racecraft can get you what you need!

  4. Tofast4class

    2015 KX250F - Soften Suspension for Enduro/Cross Country?

    Jaime, rg3 NJ ask for paul