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  1. gdbarr1976

    2012 250xcfw running lean

    Good idea. Thanks!
  2. This bike was my dads, he's 86. It's been sitting a lot. I've borrowed it and ever since the first ride it seems to run lean. I'm guessing its a clogged injector but would be open to any other opinions. Can you re map this thing and could that be the problem?
  3. gdbarr1976

    2011 350sxf oil starvation

    Thanks for the reply. I think you got it right.
  4. I am going to have to replace the head because of what looks like oil starvation to intake cam. Is this a common problem and how do I fix it? Also what is the chance I have damaged other parts of the engine?
  5. gdbarr1976

    What would you do?

    Oil pressure problem. I believe that. What do I do to fix it. New oil pump? Is this a common problem? I'm guessing it is since the photos in this thread are exactly what mine did.
  6. gdbarr1976

    What would you do?

    This exact same thing happened to my bike. I put on a new head and it lasted one race. So my question is why did it happen on the first place? I'm ready to part this thing out.
  7. gdbarr1976

    Rebuilding The Engine

    Not real sure how the crank seal blowing would effect the crank unless the real problem is bad main bearings. At any rate, if you really want to do it right I bought a kit from wiseco off e bay that included the complete crank, main bearings, seals, and all gaskets for a complete bottom end rebuild for $160. I got a top end kit for $130 so for a complete engine rebuild it was about $300. After having 4 stroke ktms for years I can tell you that $300 is a bargain.
  8. gdbarr1976

    07 yz250 fork oil and settings

    Thats what I needed. Thanks for the info.
  9. gdbarr1976

    should i trade ? , look inside

    Offer him $500 and part it out. You might break even.
  10. gdbarr1976

    07 yz250 fork oil and settings

    I am sure all this info is out there but I've got a time problem. I am the new owner of a 07 yz250 and need to change fork springs and while I am at it fork oil. (outer chamber only) I've been a ktm guy for the last few years but do have some parts left over from my 08 and 06 yz450 days. I'm not sure what springs I have but they feel a little soft. I'm 180 with no gear and a combo of a .44 and a.46 worked good in my 450 and that is what I have in the garage. So Im going to put them in. By the way, I have no manual yet. First question is what oil, how much or do I set it to height? Outer chamber only. Next question is what is the stock comp and rebound settings? Also while I am asking what do I set my rear sag too? Thanks for the info and I promise I will get a manual.
  11. gdbarr1976

    Do NOT buy a KTM 350SX-F

    For the what it is worth department. Bought a 2011 ktm350sx new in sept of 2011. Ran perfect until it didn't. After reading this thread I highly suspected the fuel pump. Swaped out the tank with my Dads 2012 250f and problem cured. Called the dealer KTM world in Cedartown, Ga. Took the bike to them, with the original tank back on. They tested the fuel pump which they found to be bad, put a new one on in a hour and did not charge me a dime even though I was out of warranty. Fantastic service! If anyone is having second thoughts about buying one of these bikes because of this problem I think you are making a mistake. This is proven technology. This is a fantastic bike!
  12. gdbarr1976

    Yz250 not starting and bogging.

    Take the plug out and turn it upside down. Take the tank off first. Crank the kick starter and see what comes out. Gas? Coolant? Oil? Nothing? Coolant, bad o ring sealing the head. Gas, flooding, stuck float boal. Oil, bad crank bearing. Nothing, well it does need gas. If I had to make a guess, bad o ring in the head. Good news is its easy and cheap.
  13. gdbarr1976

    2008 450 XCF Shock Bushing

    I have had this bolt come loose more then once. I suspect that if the joint is dry that the movement of the shock will start to loosen up the bolt. Just a guess. You lost the bushings when the bolt came out. Again, been there, done that. A blow torch, driver of some sort and a little patients will get the job done.
  14. gdbarr1976

    2007 yz250 smoker question

    Thanks for the responses. I may give it a try.
  15. gdbarr1976

    2007 yz250 smoker question

    I have a line on a nicely set up for off road o7, big tank, rekluse etc and very well maintained. Asking 3k. I will be coming off a 09 ktm 250xcf with a 300 kit. My question is, of course, will I be happy and faster? Have there been any changes since 07? Feel free to compare, contrast and editorialize.