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  1. whisky01mark

    04 xr650L wont start

    Have you tested your battery?.
  2. whisky01mark

    My WR250Z Story

    How I got the fuel out of my leaky float was put in a pillow case and spin it around for a few minutes use the centrifical force to remove the fuel. Then solder it up Cheers.
  3. whisky01mark


    Thanks Yamaguy55 I will check it out. I did sort out the wiring. When I fitted the indicators off my parts bike I mixed up the green and brown wires for the left and right indicators all fixed now Cheers.
  4. I bought a Yamaha xt250 and I want to get it registered for the road all I need is to wire up the indicators the trouble is it has never been registered and I cant get the indicator wires to work properly ether it works on one side or all four or three will flash if anyone can help I need it please Cheers.