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    I changed my mind on the post and could not figure how to delete it....
  2. Old Vagabond

    OHV help....

    You seem to have failed to understand my post at all....in fact it is so scrambled it's hard to respond to. I have no intention of breaking any laws nor paying $400 or more...for a cross country ride. I am a licensed driver...duh..yes. My understanding is that if you are from Colorado you can only get a OHV sticker in Colorado. If you went to Utah I doubt they would even let you get a sticker, as from what I understand is that you vehicle would need to be licensed in that state in order to get a OHV permit. So I guess there is no Federal OHV stamp? This must be a tough question. I will seek an answer in another forum.
  3. Old Vagabond

    OHV help....

    I am confused about the OHV regulations and need help... I am planning to ride across country and will be going through many states, so is there a National OHV Stamp? Do I even need a OHV sticker? I ask this because on a past ride I just wanted to camp at a state campground and was told that I needed to have a plate from the that state or a drivers license from that state or I could not camp there. This was when I was doing a cross country bicycle trip and so I can only imagine what kind of crap I would get if I was on an enduro. This happened twice and once a person that was camping there came to my aide and said that I could stay on his site as he was allowed two tents per site. The second time it happened I told the park person that I was not going to leave unless they let me stay. They finally agreed and let me rent a tent site. So now I am planning a long trip across the US and will be wanting to ride on OHV trails. So it is obvious that I cannot be a licensed driver in every state I go through, nor can I afford to buy OHV stickers in every state I ride in. So whats the deal? There are so many OHV trails across the country and when I search the internet I find that all the hits I get are for each individual state. So can I not ride OHV trails while I am on my trip? I can get a National Parks Pass that lets me get into every National Park for one fee...so is there an equivalent for OHV? Thanks
  4. Old Vagabond

    Crf250l Rally kit is coming !

    Wow...measurements would have sufficed, but the pictures are great ...thanks.
  5. Old Vagabond

    Crf250l Rally kit is coming !

    What is the length width and height of the top area where the picture shows the gps mounted....
  6. Old Vagabond

    Crf250l Rally kit is coming !

    $850 which does not even include the lights.... too rich for my blood.
  7. Old Vagabond

    Honda CRF250 Rally +++ Reality?

    Hi Guys I have been reading and following this bike for a while now, and it seemed that this next year would be its release date. It is supposed to go into production, but I have not seen anything on Honda's website for the 2017 year models. Here is a YouTube on it. I for one would like to see it happen as I am now thinking of a CRF250L anyway, and this would be just the way I would build it up. Curious as to what you all think it would sell for. My guess is 6 to 7K. OV
  8. Old Vagabond

    Who has bought a new DR650?

    Hi guys... Ok...I have been looking for a bike for a long time and have settled on getting a DR650. I have noticed that they price out about the same as the DRZ400s, which is weird. I know all the specs but I do not see too many in-stock in dealers. They seem to act as if they are made of gold and don't budge on pricing. Therefore I would like to know if any of you have bought a new one 2016 - 2017 as of late, and if you would be willing to share what you paid. Thanks Old Vagabond
  9. Old Vagabond

    How to buy a Motorcycle (From a dealer)

    Wow guys...thanks for all the good info.. best comeback I've had on a forum especially on a first post.. Sorry...I gotta go. I'm getting a little misty. (These things really get to me) OV
  10. Hi everyone.. Well I have lurked for long enough and finally decided that as I get closer to getting a bike, I better become a contributing member. This is the only forum I will be on...so what that means is that I respect the information here. So this may be a rather strange first question...but since getting a bike is the first step its what I will go with. I have been car-free for over 5 years and have fallen out of touch buying vehicles...especially new. So I am in need of advice on how to buy a bike from a dealership. I went into a dealership and was greeted by a young kid that did not know a damn thing about selling. Nice kid...but? They went about discounting the bike and wrote up an offer. I was shocked that even though the discount was not that great, that they managed to bump the price up another 2 thousand dollars! I know dealerships do not make a ton of money on a new bike, but I would like to know what fees they tack on are real or total BS. Of course tax has to be there, but I felt that since I was an older guy they were putting the screws to me. I don't know...may be I am wrong. Also, while I am on the subject. I have also been looking at used and I am amazed that people are asking next to new prices for a bike with a lot of miles. This is why I would rather buy new...but maybe the prices seem high because they know about all the "dealer prep" and other fees. Thanks... Old Vagabond