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  1. OK thanks. That's weird, I must have been looking at different models that didn't fit. How about the Acerbis X-brake? Any ideas?
  2. My XR runs great but I've had a problem with the kickstarter not bouncing back and folding up and it doesn't seem to have as much range as it should, making it a pain to kick over sometimes. I think it has a weak shaft spring. Also since I got the bike I have a hard time going down to first gear. I'm often going up a steep trail with roots and I try to get down to first and it hits neutral and I'm stalled on a root at the worst time. Sometimes it takes 2-3 down shifts to catch first. I'm thinking the shift star might be worn. Anyway, I thought if I'm going to tear into this thing I might as well replace the clutch, shift star, kick starter spring and anything else while I'm in there. So far I ordered the kick starter spring, EBC kevlar clutch kit, the clutch spring, shift star/cam, shift plate, gearcase gasket, and oil pump gasket (not sure if I need that or not). I want everything I need to do the project but I see some o-rings on the oil pump diagram, part number 91304-KK3-830. Will I need those? Also should I replace any of the springs inside the shift drum while I'm in there? Looks like there's three on that diagram.
  3. I've been trying to find a front rotor guard for my 1997 XR250R and I see a lot of old posts about a "discontinued" acerbis guard. Also several threads that never got a final answer to the question of which front guard fits. I see an Acerbis X-Brake guard all over and every site says it doesn't fit XR250R. Same with every other guard I find. I like that devol one but that doesn't seem to fit either, but it's more than I'd like to spend on a brake guard anyway. Can someone post a brand and part number that actually fits or something that can be easily modified? It would help me out and everyone else looking for this part.
  4. I put the pro taper se henry/reed bend bars on there with pillow top grips. I liked the henry/reed on my 200 but on the 250 they felt like they didn't have enough sweep when I first put them on. I really liked them on that mountain ride though, but I'm still thinking maybe a little more sweep would be nice. I couldn't find the Dunlop D606 tires in 110/100-18 size, so I got a rear DOT 90 off/10 on from the local shop that they recommended (can't remember the brand now) because I didn't have time to mess around online. It's got a nice tread pattern to it but it's really strange because you can slide out easy when you try, but it seems to do pretty well otherwise especially on steep hill climbs. Seems on the side treads it slips around more than a regular tire, but it's pretty predictable. I've been using Rotella T5 on both the 200 and the 250 for about 6 months. The first thing I did was put on an Uni filter...look at the pic in the other thread, the old filter was destroyed, that was one thing I overlooked before I bought it because I was busy looking at all the other stuff that wasn't adjusted. Re:the brakes - I can stop on a dime, especially with the fronts. Whatever pads are on there have very little slip. I'm thinking about it when I'm next to a 500 foot near-vertical drop when I'm coming up to a corner. Would be nice to have a little more play in the lever, I'll order a rebuild kit and try what you're suggesting.
  5. No it's nothing crazy like I can't reach the brake. It's just about at the max where I would ever want it for my short fingers. In a perfect world I'd want it pulled in maybe about 3/8"-1/2" more so more of my finger gets around it. I just got the bike a few weeks back and didn't have time to do any major work on it, so I have no idea about when any work was done. Judging by the air filter condition (look at the pic in another thread), the loose chain, nearly flat tires, and a couple other weird things I'd say it's been a while. The pads looked ok and the brake fluid is clean. One of the first things I'm going to do when I have time is change the pads to something not as grippy and replace the fluid anyway. Before that mountain ride I had to prioritize what I could do in the time I had, so it was replacing the horrible levers it had, air filter, oil/filter change, tires, bars, grips, etc. The brakes worked well so I didn't touch anything yet. I will be doing that and the suspension next. I'll take a look at the stuff you mentioned.
  6. I talked to Mike at ATV Galaxy. Told him what ASV said and he gave me $20 off next purchase. Pretty sweet. I installed the F3s and rode about 125 miles in the mountains last weekend. Love those levers. I wish the brake could be pulled in a little more, I have the adjustment screw all the way out and it's still out a little too far for my fingers so it's not as easy as I'd like to negotiate the sensitivity of the brakes that far out, but it works. That ride really made me hate the suspension as I talked about in another thread before this ride. I definitely need to work on that, my arms felt like I was running a jackhammer all weekend last Monday.
  7. badcrc

    XR250R Enduro Project Using the Tusk Kit

    Has anyone used this Tusk light kit to get a bike legal in Washington state? I want to do this but I found out none of the lights in the kit are DOT rated, and I'm pretty sure in WA all equipment has to have DOT on it.
  8. badcrc

    1997 XR250R rear wheel spacers

    OK so I have the spacers on the right side. I guess the sprocket side spacer just sticks out from the hub more than I thought.
  9. I took my rear wheel off to put a new tire on at the shop and I should have removed the axle first, but I picked it up and the spacers were on the wrong side. When I put it back together it didn't look right so I checked the diagrams online (my repair manual doesn't have good pictures of the spacers on the wheel) and for the 1997 250R the spacers look the same in the diagrams, but I have one long and one short. The only way it fit properly was the long spacer on the sprocket side and the short spacer on the caliper side. After I got it back together I thought it was right but then I compared it to my buddy's 1991 250R and his spacer on the sprocket side doesn't stick out as far. The spacer went into the seal a little but the flange on the spacer is about 1" from the seal on the wheel. Anyone have some pics of a 1997 or close to it so I can compare? Going riding in the mountains this weekend with no cell service and just want to make sure I have it right.
  10. I sent the pictures to ASV and I just called them and the guy said he got my email and forwarded it to a manager. He said ATVGalaxy is an authorized dealer, but the packaging is highly irregular and not normal. He said something is definitely weird in that case and they are looking into it, as it should have had the ASV labels and card inside the box at the very least. He did say the warranty is definitely good and they are legit levers. Sounds like those guys have their act together.
  11. Yes, understood. But I didn't pay for a refurb. ATVGalaxy is promoting that they are an "authorized ASV dealer", which is one reason I bought from them. Just going by the weird packaging, I wouldn't buy from ATVGalaxy again, but if they are real ASVs with a warranty I will keep them. Seems weird that ASV would want an authorized dealer shipping stuff out like this (without any kind of labeling, unlike every other package I see on google). Thanks for the info.
  12. OK cool. Well this is where I was suspicious, about that that warranty. If they're selling refurbs, fakes, returns, or "factory seconds" as new and want to make it look good, it's possibly not a warranty but just a photo copy of a piece of paper. See what I mean? I mean I'm just talking out my a**, for all I know ATVGalaxy is a great place, but judging from this packaging they leave a lot to be desired. Also from what I see from a google image search, there are no ASVs packaged without an ASV cardboard piece inside the box. I still think this is a little weird.
  13. Yes, first I'm trying to find out how normal this is...for all I know this is how all ASVs are packaged. I haven't put ASVs on my bikes before and I haven't closely inspected bikes with ASVs. Before I go making accusations it would be nice to know if all ASVs have those polishing marks and if the box is supposed to be labeled.
  14. I bought a set of ASV F3 shorty levers for my XR250R from ATVGalaxy on ebay for $128.95. They came in a bubble wrap lined USPS priority envelope and the levers are in an unsealed plastic package that's hacked up at the top like someone took scissors to it and it's completely unlabeled except for an embossed "ASV" on the side. No stickers or anything but there appears to be residue of a sticker on the plastic. The dust covers are in a separate plastic bag with a UPS label. The onlly paperwork is a black & white paper with information about F3 and the warranty. There's some defects in the aluminum but nothing that's major except on the brake lever there is some strange polishing marks that don't look normal. Can anyone relay some info about their ASV packaging and the appearance and any experience with ATVGalaxy? I see on a YZ forum some guys had nothing but praise for that seller several years ago.