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  1. Raceman

    2005 vs 2006

    i loved my 05!!!
  2. there is NO way that came from your CRF lol... and i really doubt it came from the truck
  3. Raceman

    ***Best*** looking CRF450r **Contest**

    Mine... i havent been on this site in a LONG ass time...
  4. why do they make you nervous?
  5. Spacers will help out with the stability but you need some LT for the jumps!! do you have a SE? or just the regular one like mine...? and what year?
  6. Raceman

    my rmz done!

    you race?
  7. i am running the WERS. I have been wanting to get some shots of it but just havent had time!
  8. XMF long travel and i did all the other fab work myself.
  9. Raceman

    My riding buddies wheelie.Pretty good

    all i can say is STAY IN SCHOOL
  10. Raceman

    Pro circuit T-4

    I have that slip on and i like it.. Its kinda loud though. Runs strong! i gained some bottom end with it.
  11. Its got Comp Cams 1.52 roller rockers in there already. im looking into a set of Dart heads right now...
  12. sounds good, It does idle a little rough but it does great in my truck. I am looking at replacing the heads... lookin at some Dart heads right now...