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  1. Mez1218

    Suzuki RMZ250 (2005)


    Amazing Bike
  2. Mez1218

    Suzuki RMZ250 2005

    Amazing Bike
  3. Mez1218

    2005 rmz250 kickstart

    So here is the kickstart shaft with the broken bolt in it. Ill post another pic a bit further away so you can see where it is. Thanks.
  4. Mez1218

    2005 rmz250 kickstart

    I bought a 2005 rmz250 about a month ago as my first bike and it came with a broken kickstart bolt that is stuck in the shaft. The guy I bought it from tried to use E-z out but it broke off in there also. I want to replace the parts but I'm not sure what I need to replace. Any help?