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  1. WGP

    300 starts by itself

    It actually turns over the motor and runs.......now the starter is constantly engaged.....so I had to disconnect the battery to make it stop. With the starter disconnected when I connect battery I hear the relay clicking....so I'm guessing its the start button/wiring?
  2. WGP

    300 starts by itself

    2011 Ktm 300xc- it fires up by itself in my garage at random times....relay issue or button?
  3. WGP

    Forest Hill Trail 6 open?

    I haven't heard how far they got on that trail. I have a feeling they got sidetracked with all the down trees. I believe T5 is clear and T6 might be clear by the weekend. T6 had closed signs at the Foresthill Rd crossing, so if they're gone it's open. Probably don't need the saw but I would carry pruners and a hand saw. T6 is very overgrown in spots. If every rider removed some brush/manzanita from 5' of the trail it would be clear by the end of the month lol ­čśŐ
  4. WGP

    Forest Hill Trail 6 open?

    Trail 6 is still closed.......volunteers removed probably 50 trees over the weekend and there are still more down plus the root ball. Probably another 2 weeks.
  5. WGP

    Forest Hill Trail 6 open?

    Were planning on helping clear the trail on Sunday if anybody wants to join. We are working in communication with the USFS, Matt... Will make the final call on Saturday depending on how much gets done in the next 2 days. PM or I will reply again sat afternoon.
  6. WGP

    Land-Use Forum

    Where did the land-use forum go?
  7. WGP

    Picks for Rnd5 Oakland

    Calling for steady rain through practice time...then clearing....could be muddy....
  8. https://www.decalmx.com ??
  9. WGP

    Auto Clutch Hate

    I first got turned on to Rekluse Clutches when I was riding 05-09 YZ450's in technical terrain and racing. First off the clutch pull on these bikes is extremely stiff, secondly the clutch heats up fairly quickly then begins to fade and stall (very technical rocks/waterfalls/1st/2nd gear) I was constantly replacing the clutch fibers/steels. The Rekluse paid for itself as once installed, I got way more life out of my clutch. The other huge benefit was not stalling when locking up the rear for hidden obstacles at speed (racing). I then switched to riding KTM 300's with hydraulic clutches, obviously the clutch pull is not an issue. The huge benefit on these bikes is not spinning the rear wheel on tight technical trails and tearing up the trail. I know my friends use the trial tire to protect the trail but I hate them on flat turns and downhills. So I run a knobby and a Rekluse, same difference IMO. I think any non-expert rider should run a Rekluse on the mountain trails (ex Idaho) to protect them from being tore up. I find any open fast riding I prefer not to have one.
  10. WGP

    Maxxis Desert it Tire Pressure

    Really depends on how fast you ride. Racing in those conditions I'll run as high as 18psi to avoid a flat. trail riding 15psi, and slow technical 11psi.
  11. WGP

    Foresthill-First Timer

    I hear ya.......its just rare to have a trail sponsored so RUTS or FS could be planning projects on the trail, that's what I mean by that. StulnFH is local, he may want to chime in here. Either way, sick trail and I could show up with a couple other guys and help machete it down if needed.
  12. WGP

    Foresthill-First Timer

    Thanks for doing that! I knew there was down trees and almost carried my saw, it was a nice to see it cleared. Yes, that overgrown brush needs to be cleared back. Its more of a safety issue in my opinion, with such a popular trail you want clear vision to avoid a collision. As we found out on our ride. Yzwiley are you with RUTS club? Or just cleared it? I would be willing to help and could get a few people to come but don't want to step on any toes if RUTS is actively maintaining the trail.
  13. WGP

    Foresthill-First Timer

    Yeah I'm in, I'll send you a PM.
  14. WGP

    Foresthill-First Timer

    Anybody interested in riding from ChinaWall staging this Saturday the 12th? Trail 5 & 6?