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  1. SandSoldier

    HELP - need help picking an engine

    Thanks for all the input guys!
  2. SandSoldier

    HELP - need help picking an engine

    oh man you guys are scaring me lol. I was thinkin about $700 piston crank cylinder etc (doing all work oursevles), list er for $3500 "freshly rebuilt etc etc" and see where it went from there. Am i crazy here thinkin i can get in the 3ks for it??
  3. SandSoldier

    HELP - need help picking an engine

    Yeah, my friend talked me out of the swap thing. Along with the fact that the exhaust would be well interesting to work out, resale value would probably tank. Not sure exactly how many hours we put on a season, my next bike will have an hour meter for sure. The thing that gets me is I rode more and maintained the bike less for the first half of the bikes life and aside from having to put valves in it ONCE, it's been dead realiable, but now its just been a mess and i ride less and maintain it more
  4. SandSoldier

    HELP - need help picking an engine

    thanks guys! if it requires more than just engine mounts and exhaust work i may consider another bike, I was under the impression that cr and crf frames were pretty similar. also i think a cr500 may be a lil much for me lol
  5. SandSoldier

    HELP - need help picking an engine

    also anyone want a freshly rebuilt 07 crf250r engine? lol
  6. Not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but i need some opinions. BACKSTORY: I ride all desert (mostly ocotillo wells) and I've ridden the same 07 crf250r for the past err maybe 6-7 years (im 21 so most of my "riding life", fresh off a xr80 to the crf) and I do all the regular maintenance stuff one is supposed to do; clean air filter every weekend and oils and filter change every season (i don't ride that much), and everything has been awesome until the past few years. Within the past few years I have put two pistons and a crank in the bike and the rod bearing on the crank just went out again its gonna need a piston, cylinder, crank, oil pump, etc etc. I think this is due to me seeking more power now that I'm a lil more experienced and heavier, so I'm probably beating on it a little more now than I used to. Worst part is i couldnt even get a season out of the last piston i put in er... I understand its a race bike and the manual says the pistons only supposed to last 10 hrs but I'm tired of dumping money into this engine, but I love the rest of the bike. PLAN: rebuild the crf, sell the engine, stuff a 2 stroke engine in it. I know a guy that welds aluminum so changing engine mount locations won't be a problem, nor would any mechanical or electrical issues. Intake, exhaust, and sprocket positions might be a bit concerning though, but i bet we could cook something up. I like the idea of a power band, and I've heard that 2 strokes are more reliable (generally) and cheaper to rebuild, so that sounds awesome. QUESTION: what 2 stroke engine should I get??? a cr250 makes sense cuz honda, but I'm hearing people sing praises of the yz250 as well. Or maybe I should go for a 300 two stroke! I don't know... Would I actually get the more power? plz halp! Thx.
  7. SandSoldier

    Air filter questions

  8. SandSoldier

    Air filter questions

    Hi! I just recently finished up putting a new piston in my 07 crf250r. I know these things aren't built to last, with a recommended 10 hour life cycle by the owners manual, but wow that piston didn't last nearly long enough as i think it should've. Upon further inspection of the carb and intake there is some dirt getting into the engine; my usual routine is to clean, re oil and grease the sealing surface of the air filter after every weekend of riding (all desert with family, usually number 2 or 3 in the pack behind another bike or baja bug so always in at least some dust) but the filter just isn't getting the job done. So my question to you guys: what is the best air cleaner for keeping all that dirt from getting into my engine? The dude at the local bike shop recommended one of these: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/10205/i/msr-filter-skins anyone have any positive/negative experience with these? Thanks!