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  1. I like your setup. Did you notice much difference when you installed the Grarly pipe and Powercore 2? Did you have to adjust the fuel rod or power jet? Please post your results with the RK head and VForce. I had Slaven mill my head and I put KTM and Husky Reeds in my bike. Both upgrades made significant increases in power across the board. I was really surprised how noticeable the increase was with the $60 reeds. I had to adjust my Lectron with every mod I'm done to the motor to get the most out of it. I haven't messed with pipes yet, so I'm curious about what you think. I'm looking at a Fatty with a turbine silencer. I need a spark arrestor for my races.
  2. Monk, you must be an idiot. Of course I googled it myself. I couldn't find any tanks bigger than 3.5 gallons. I also emailed the Acerbis and IMS. So I thought I would see if the public knew of any tanks that would work. I will post more info in my next post so I don't cause you any further distress.
  3. Thanks for the links guys. After thinking about my needs more, I need a 4-5 gallon tank. Have you seen anything that big?
  4. 2017 TX 300 oversized tank?
  5. On my 17 300 with a stock tank I'm able to loosen the slide screws and pull the slide without Turing the carb. It on takes about 3-4 minutes to do a rod adjustment. The powerjet is just a turn of the screw. I'm glad, it would be a PITA if I had to pull the carb to adjust it. Since I got it dialed, it's been great wherever I've ridden.
    I really like the BulletProof Radiator Guards. They are strong and I haven't had trouble with debris collecting under them like I did with the stock guard. I will give the stock guard a plug though. On the 2017 ktm 300 xc the stock guards are pretty strong and give a fair amount of side impact protection. If I had seen how good the stock guards are before I ordered the BulletProof guards I wouldn't have bought them. Now that I have them though, no regrets. I really like the fact that I don't have to clean out all the little sticks that collected under the stalk ones.
    I had Slaven Racing Mill the Head on my 2017 ktm 300 xc. It gave me a boost of power all the way through the power band. I would have bought a after market head, but at the time non were available. No regrets on have them do the work. my bike runs great and it only cost $55 plus shipping.
  6. 1 review

    Head Machining Modification KTM 300EXC/MXC/XC/XC-W ’04 -’17 Very noticeable and usable boost to the low-end and mid-range power that will make your 300 easier to ride. This mod can be used with a stock or ported cylinder. This is a very inexpensive bang for the buck…. a no brainer. > Works well with pump gas, race gas is not needed or recommended > Does not require re-jetting > Helps clean up jetting issues > Does not adversely affect top-end performance > Machining/compression ratio is adjusted to match your elevation > Compatible with all types of riding & racing > Does not increase coolant or engine temperature > Does not include new head o-rings or jetting specs > 2 day turnaround time – no appointment, email or phone call necessary > Please include a completed service form with the shipment
  7. Not to turn this into a Lectron ad, but I jetted my 2017 300 xc with a Lectron for peak performance at 1500' where I do most of my riding. I have taken it up to 6500' and felt the jetting was still right on. I'm loving the increased fuel economy and the ability to change altitude without rejetting. I admit I didn't spend much time with the stock Mikuni. I gave up pretty quickly and ordered a Lectron. My point being maybe you can do just as well with the Mikuni. I wouldn't know.
  8. Short answer I'm not sure. I got an early carb, before they had done any 17 testing with the Lectron. So I started making half turn adjustments, and refined it from there. I just had a test section with varied terrain I probably ran the section a dozen times before I landed on the magic spot. I think after adding the reeds and holes I only added about 1/3 turn fuel on the power jet. I push it hard on sand single track, so I had richened it until I felt I was loosing power and then backed it off a 1/8 turn. I was surprised how much difference a 1/4 turn made on both the power jet and the metering rod.
  9. Yes I do, its compact and easy to carry. Pliers with a rag or similar would work just fine. You just want to be careful not to mark it.
  10. Get the xc. The air fork is much better than the 4cs fork on my 2014 450xc or my 2013 350 exc-f. I haven't ridden the explore fork, but the air for is good! I put one or 2 pounds of air in the fork every 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it lost air or its just because its getting colder.
  11. I got a 2017 300 XC about 4 months ago. I have just over 30 hrs on it, and I have it dialed in pretty dang good. I got a Lecton carb and learned to tune it. Its easy once you figure it out. I can pull the rod up out the top and adjust in without loosening the clamps. It takes about 3 minutes to do a 1/4 turn adjustment. The power jet in the back is just a screw you adjust and takes only seconds. The Lecton made the bike run much better, but it was still a little soft in the power department on the low end. So I had Slaven Racing mill my head. That was $55 well spent. With that the bike made me happy. It was pretty good all the way through the power. Then I read KTM and Husky posts on Reeds and putting holes in the air box. I decided to give those mods a try. I ground down a plastic wing thing on the back of the airbox cover. Then I drilled 5 holes in the top of my airbox under the seat. 1-1" & 4-5/8" holes. Then I connected 2 of the holes to make an oval. After giving the bike a little more fuel, it ran quite a bit better all the way through the power band, the holes were good for me. Then I sanded the reed cage surfaces flat and installed KTM and Husky reeds. I was really surprised at the difference the reeds made. The bike always has power. My last bike was a 14 ktm 450xc, so I compare it to that. I am faster on the 300. It doesn't make ktm 450 power, but I like it better. I love the 300 suspension. Its better that my heavily $1000 tuned 4cs ever dreamed of being. One more plug for the Lectron. I calculated right at 28% better fuel milage on a test loop with the Lectron. This bike just makes me smile every time I get on it. I had a Rekluse on my last bike, the 450 needed one for my riding style. I don't even want one on this bike. The bike just doesn't stall. It's stable, tracks straight, has the best suspension I have ever ridden, and it feels light. I spent right at $600 hoping the engine up, and now I have no complaints. I have always put FMF Ti megabom exhausts on my bikes, but on this 300 I'm really not even tempted to try any different pipes. The 300 is that good just as it is.
  12. Yes, the Throttle assembly that comes with the Lectron setup is a 1/4 turn
  13. I might try it again with your setting. Thanks. I mainly ride soft terrain. I'll go do some testing in the rocks and see if I like it there.