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  1. Bgringo

    Did I get the wrong clutch cable?

    I'll throw mine in on the that sale. I just ordered an OEM cable from Babbits.
  2. Bgringo

    Did I get the wrong clutch cable?

    I double checked the fit at the motor and I figured out that there is just the end adjustment and one other spot to adjust just a few inches from the end that Guy Grahm spoke of but it's as maxed out as well. Then my fingers got cold and I went inside. I was going for all my maintenance chores done before spring riding season, but now I'm going to leave it and figure it out in the spring. Thanks for the help. The people on this site are the absolute best, talk to you in April
  3. Bgringo

    Did I get the wrong clutch cable?

    Where is the adjuster midway along the cable? I double checked the fit at the motor and its seems to be in the correct spot, but I only saw the adjustment on the lever side of both the cable that came with the bike and the new cable. Right now this is probably something I won't get back to for a few months since I've got to store the bike until the snow melts. Usually in March. I'll take off the seat and the tank and see if I can find it when I get it out again.
  4. I just swapped out my old clutch cable for a new one and I'm not sure I got the right one. I have a 2004 DRZ400S and I bought a MotionPro 04-0207 cable. It fits but only with the adjuster all the way in and it does not have any free play. Is it supposed to stretch in or do I need to adjust the arm that it mounts to? Any one know the MotionPro part number that worked on their DRZ?
  5. Bgringo

    X1R2 chain lube

    To wrap it up, I found that the roller right under the drive sprocket was very messed up. It had been very bent and the chain had chewed up the outer plastic and had started on the metal bolt that holds it all together. I'm pretty sure I bent it trying to set the bike up on a jury rigged 2x4 crate set up to change the back sprocket. The 2x4 thing didn't work at all and now I wish I had just bought the stand before even messing with it. Live and learn. Hopefully. Thanks for all the advice,
  6. Bgringo

    X1R2 chain lube

    Thanks for the tips, I bought a new chain today and am going to carefully watch every install youtube out there on it to make sure I'm not messing something up. then I'm going to take it just out of the parking lot and back in again and take a look. Looking more carefully at the chain it shows wear marks around the outer side but not the inner side. I'm thinking I messed something up but I'm not sure what. It's snowing now so I'm not going to put the new chain on until tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Bgringo

    X1R2 chain lube

    So I showed the bike to a friend of mine who has ridden a lot of years more than I have and he thinks that the chain was rubbing on the chain guard causing enough friction to heat up the lube in the chain enough to melt it out. The chain guard only seems to go on one way, so is the x-ring chain just wider than what will fit the chain guard? Or is there some way to put the chain guard in wrong so that it fits, but rubs on the chain?
  8. Bgringo

    X1R2 chain lube

    I just replaced the chain on my DRZ for the first time and after taking it out for a couple of miles to test it I noticed waxing looking oil coming out from the chain guard. This is the chain guard up front and it had enough build up to make a humming noise as the chain drug through the paste. Also the retaining clip on the master link broke and was just hanging by the back half. This doesn't seem right to me, but since I've never done this I'm not sure where I messed up in the install. I put on a 112 link steel JT X1R chain and a new rear sprocket. Any suggestions?
  9. Bgringo

    Thinking (too much?) about jetting

    Thanks RockyMntnMike, I did read your post about elevation jetting and the spreadsheet of data. I'm reverse of most of the posts I read about it. I'm already up high and am looking for the lazy way to change to a lower and then back to higher without having to swap the jets every other ride. I'm just trying to find out if I go with a richer jetting and then dial off the fuel using the fuel screw will it work? I haven't seen anything out there mentioning it, so I'm just going to do it and see what happens.
  10. I've read a lot of threads about this but still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I'm pulling my 2004 DRZ400S out of storage sometime this week and getting it ready for the season. I live at 9,000 ft, but my first ride of the year is probably going to be at around 5,000 ft. I was going to pull the 145 main jet I'm running and put in the 150 adjusting the needle from the 2 clip to the 3rd, then re-jet once I got home. I already have the extended fuel mixture screw in place so I started thinking that I should just run the 150 jet set up and adjust the fuel screw to compensate for the higher elevation where I'll be doing most of my riding. I will be going down in elevation for rides until late May or June depending on snowfall, but riding on the street when I'm able. Are there any disadvantages with this? I'm new to posting on this forum, so please forgive me if I didn't get the right search words in and there is already a post about this.