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  1. California

    Holy smokes! It's April 6th already?
  2. Gotcha
  3. The wolf must have hacked it. The pm said "I'm in for my usual".
  4. That mongo back pack struggles with the gravitational pull
  5. Razr, got your pm. You are in for a half day.
  6. Bomadier said he has a space heater and a generator in his back pack, you will be fine.
  7. A few months ago the Bomadier took me on one of the best rides I've been on. Dirt should be perfect, better have 70 mile range this is a all day ride from the bottom to the top. If if you want to come along send me a pm or post up and let me know.
  8. You are a little touchy about the crutch, I mean LHRB.
  9. California

    Get yourself a Ktm 500.
  10. Is this the food channel?
  11. Not riding is hazardous to our health
  12. I miss jonsey
  13. I'm a pretty big crack whore. But I like it with hair on it, these girls and there Brazilian wax stuff is getting carried away. Bring back the 80's please
  14. I loved my lhrb's. If I was ever to do another it would not be a hydraulic type. In fact, prolly wouldn't do one, just another thing to break off.