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    Started going to Baja before i can remember - camping, surfing, races.
    My first ride to Mikes Sky Ranch was on a QA50, 1975ish.
    Did my first Hilltoppers (i think that's what it was) GP race in Baja around the age of 8.
    Tried to ride the length of the original 3 Sisters at the age of 8. Failed. Finished the distance in dads 4wd van.
    Finished my first Baja 1000 at the age of 16, a 2 person team, i rode half, YZ490.
    Have done 24 B.500's & 23 B.1000's, with a combined total of just 5 DNFs and finishes as high as 2nd OA in both.
    Have raced Factory Team bikes for Kawasaki, BMW, and Honda (2nd OA bike @ '07 B1k & 2nd OA bike @ '08 B1k).
    Have competed in countless other long distance and short Baja events.
    My wife races too, she's a damn good rider (raced class 21 @ '07 B.500 & C.20 all girl team @'08 B1k) and our son is becoming an excellent rider.
    I spend about 160 days a year in Baja, riding about 135 of those days.

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  1. BajaBoundMoto

    Red Strobe Lights on Riders

    Get the blinky light sold by Baja Designs. BD will know what you mean when you call. It's the mandated one by BITD and of course works great so it's fine for SCORE too. Im brainfarting on another promotor that mandated the same BD light, maybe I saw it in something for SCORE?
  2. BajaBoundMoto

    Campershell trail

    That's an odd comment. I don't know of any "tour groups" that flag anything. Most "tour groups" know where they want to go and have ways to keep the group together on the correct path. That being said, the "tour groups" typically don't ride remote trails, they ride common known stuff. But those of us that do ride good stuff know what's up and some of us really try to keep trail heads stealth. No way does @bajatrailrider mark anything, he keeps his private stash on the down low. Chilly doesn't need to mark stuff. Those guys also make trials. Me, I've been riding Baja all my life, I've made tons of trails, I respectfully use trails others have made, I can't spell GSP and I don'ty allow people to carry a PGS. We can often cut into a trail head away from the trail to keep it less traveled, and we still go back to sweep out our tire marks. What jacks-up the trails are guys trying to race each other on them, cutting turns (what good is a straight line single track?), being too agressive. Hell, when I have customers who aren't respecting the Baja trails it's very easy for me to stay on common stuff. The clients will still have a total blast because Baja is awesome and they don't know there's other trails out there. Yep.
  3. BajaBoundMoto

    Baja type trip trip outfitter?

    Looking forward to it Cuervo! Man that was a great trip! Your gang was top-notch! I really dyug riding with you! To all that ask.... you've been warned...
  4. BajaBoundMoto

    Baja 1000 2018

    Yes and Yes. Something happened around sun-up to 1x but 7x had a near perfect day. I'm suprised 66x held it together as well as they did. Good job. 25x, dang, impressed on that too. If anyone wants a chuckle.... Go to the Trackleaders dealio (the tracking link is on SCORE website), click "sportsman moto", click on the rider Michael Boge, look at his tracking history. Just below San Felipe and also down near Cocos Corner. Yikes. Prerunning is worth the time and expense...
  5. BajaBoundMoto

    Baja 1000 2018

    This is the problem with legalizing weed... 12x? Never heard of 'em. The race will be between 7x (the team that has won the past 3 SCORE races) and 1x. Maybe 3x, 4x, or 66x, will be in the hunt until race mile 400'ish, but I wouldn't expect them to hang with the top 2 bikes (7x & 1x), none of them, because those others guys, even if they have a couple guys on each team that are decent speed, they can't put the whole logistical package together. I'd expect to see 300x, 333x, or 408x possibly 3rd OA bike and for sure in the top 5 OA. Brian, is 55x the same Hatch that used to race enduros for Suzuki?
  6. BajaBoundMoto

    Dealership in Southern Baja

    @CatalinaWineMixer , send me an email - info@BajaBoundMoto.com , I have a bike possibility for you.
  7. BajaBoundMoto

    Tire choice with bib mousses

    I've never used Murphys brand. We use Enforce tire soap, like thick grease, we get it in 5g pail for like $45, a pail lasts a long long time. IMO the silicone junk is the best but it's $$. We only use it for race wheels. All tour bike wheels we use the soap. The more soap the better. The more water you ride in the more it comes out all over.
  8. BajaBoundMoto

    Tire choice with bib mousses

    Hmmm... Could your initials be E.B. or A.B.?
  9. BajaBoundMoto

    Tire choice with bib mousses

  10. BajaBoundMoto

    Dealership in Southern Baja

    Before I reading @bajatrailrider comment I was thinking WR450f I'll ask a couple guys down there who might have or know of someone who has a nice bike for sale.
  11. BajaBoundMoto

    Dealership in Southern Baja

    Make/model you want? Budget?
  12. BajaBoundMoto

    Dealership in Southern Baja

    What is it you're looking for? New bike? Parts? Tires?
  13. BajaBoundMoto

    baja pictures

    South of LP, south of San Juan de los Planes, north of Barriles. For sure a spectacular section for about 3 miles, but IMO pretty much the rest of the East Cape road sucks.
  14. BajaBoundMoto

    Alfonsinas @ GONZAGA BAY, Baja, April 6

    Anyone here planning/thinking to be there that night? Maybe you didn't make a reservation? I will be there with a 8 total , but i reserved and paid for 12. It's too late to get a credit with the hotel so if anyone wants a good deal discount let me know! It's 1 room with 1 bed and 1 room with 2 beds. Total was supposed to be 4 people, but i'll take what I can get now. It's with dinner and breakfast. I paid $74 per person. Will sell any of the spots for anything, but $50 each would be nice. email me if interested - info@BajaBoundMoto.com
  15. BajaBoundMoto

    Baja, unlike most anyplace in the World...

    I’d never seen a urinal outhouse, ‘till now. And it’s at a semi-remote place, not by a house or populated area. Pretty funny IMO