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  1. specialk

    Wheeling SM Pro Wheels

    Would I need any other parts or would these sm wheels bolt right on my s and be ready to ride?
  2. specialk

    Leaky Petcock?

    big fuel leak at the petcock. It doesn't appear to be leaking at the connection to the tank. It is leaking through valve itself. Fuel bubbles through the petcock when the engine is running...***! I ordered a new petcock and hose for $80.
  3. specialk

    OK, lurkers...you could at least say hello!

    I haven't posted in a while. What's up dudes?
  4. specialk

    DRZ 400 SM or V-Strom 650

    I have also owned a 650gs BMW, DL1000 and my currrent DRZ400s. I am never getting rid of the DR . V-strom was great. But to compare the 650gs to the the DL650. DL all the way, it is 2x the bike for mush less.
  5. specialk

    DRZ 400 SM or V-Strom 650

    I have a 400s and recently sold my dl1000. Do yourself a favor and buy a used dl650. With the dough you save you could buy some SM wheels and make yourself a convertable. I love my 400s and regret selling my DL 1000, it is a great bike. I think the DL650 is probably an even better bike. Dont assume that the DL is an enduro or adventure bike; it is not. It is a good sport tourer with a really comfortable riding position and gobs of controllable power. It is a fun-ass bike.
  6. specialk

    Wife taking SM, Wee-Strom ABS maybe for me?

    I had an 03 DL1000. I regret selling it. Great bike; comfortable and fast.
  7. specialk

    What helmet for my big ass head?

    My big-ass head if full of my big-ass brain. I'll check out the one industries. thanks. Any other suggestions?
  8. I currently use an HJC XXXL. It's ok but I think I could do better. I like the Arai XD; it's spendy but i would bite the bullet and buy it if it came in bigger sizes. I wear a size 8 fitted baseball cap. Any thoughts???
  9. specialk

    "Billet tip" creates mild surging/hesitation?

    BUrned, in your opinion does the billet tip add any hp?
  10. specialk

    My bad attempt at a wheelie

    Yeah, but that is cheating. A little slide back and 1st gear throttle and up she goes. Keeping that wheel up is the trick.
  11. specialk

    My bad attempt at a wheelie

    Ive been trying all weekend too. I have a 05 "S" 3x3 burned jetting and stock exhaust. I can pop it up in 1st but thats it. The 2nd gear clutch wheelie is a ******* mystery to me! That dude in the video has the touch or a much more powerful bike than I do. I know it's me; I just need to practice but its frustrating.
  12. specialk

    Kick stand kill switch

    I put a hose clap on mine. No meed to worry about clipping the wrong wire. Clamp it, Done! it has been there for a year and a half.
  13. specialk

    Hey El Segundo DRZ guy!

    Nice talking to you on wed. PM me if you see this thread and maybe we can ride sometime. Later Dude. Oh Yeah, nice f***ing bike:thumbsup:
  14. specialk

    Forming SoCal DRZ400 Owner's Club

    05 "s" not stock I am in. Where is everyone from. I live in El Segundo!