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  1. Last year I brought some people that were new to supercross. They enjoyed the race, but were less than pleased when a beer hit them from the upper deck. Anaheim 1 is always wild. Don't even get me started on the parking lot after the race.
  2. CRFGuy51

    Can anyone beat JBS?

    RC, CR, and JS were fast. I don't think we have seen the most RC or CR will put out there. Phoenix will be intresting. At least they are all still healthy.
  3. CRFGuy51

    So. Cal Rider Hook Up Post Ur City....

    Huntington Beach
  4. CRFGuy51

    first time at Cahuilla Creek...

    I did ride there all the time then they switched the layout a few months back. It's a great track tho. Looking foreward to them adding the other sections back in.
  5. CRFGuy51

    Carmichael sponsors Dowd.

    August 10, 2005 Carmichael sponsors Dowd for Millville - press release - John Dowd's radiator-shroud graphics for the Spring Creek National In a true show of class and sportsmanship, Ricky Carmichael has stepped up to sponsor John Dowd’s Farewell Tour for the Millville Round of the AMA National Motocross Series. Dowd, now back to full privateer status, started the season with no outside the industry sponsors to pay for the many expenses of his Farewell Tour. Dowd has been selling individual, one-race sponsorships of Team JYD. Active8 Racing, Racer X, Spectro Oils, Renthal America, Pro Circuit, Kicker Audio and now RC have all been weekend sponsors of the team so far this year. Carmichael admires Dowd’s toughness and never-say-die attitude and thought it would be a great way to show his respect for John in one of the final races on his Farewell Tour. As RC goes for his 9th overall win of the 2005 MX series, Dowd, who turns 40 August 10th, will be looking to become unofficially the first 40-year-old to finish in the top ten of a National Motocross race. Said Dowd: “I am very excited about having RC as my sponsor this weekend. Ricky is a true champion on and off the track, and I would like nothing more than to put together two great motos to say thanks to my new sponsor.” For information on becoming the sponsor of the Team JYD / Farewell Tour for either the Broome-Tioga or Steel City MX rounds, please e-mail Brian Berry at bberry@active8racing.com ASAP.
  6. CRFGuy51

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Huntington Beach.
  7. CRFGuy51

    More about SEX

    You should listen to Tom Leykis, "Never spend more than 40 dollars on a date." Haha
  8. CRFGuy51

    my 06 feels great

    Lower CG, and changes to the H2o pump. Is it worth 1k?
  9. CRFGuy51

    Switching to a 450r

    Trails, Track, Hills the 450 will do it all with ease.
  10. CRFGuy51

    Bottoming Out

    The landing is everything. Even stiff suspension will bottom on a case or flat land.
  11. CRFGuy51


    Go for the universal. Quality product.
  12. CRFGuy51

    Travis Prestons 450 Questions

    I dont think he runs extremely tall bars (CR HI). He does have a tall seat and lowered footpegs. You can buy all those products..thay just wont be works honda.
  13. CRFGuy51

    Vet X Spring Series

    Man I was beat up. Way too dusty for my taste! I've never seen it so bad there. I thought we were in a desert race!
  14. CRFGuy51

    CRF450 Riders Ages Please.

    The Honda will fit your son better than the Yamaha. Hondas have a lower seat height and closer bars. As long as he can handle the power go for it!