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  1. Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely not. What is the obsession of trying to turn a bike into something it isn't. Why not buy the right bike for what you want to do in the first place? I've been down this route so many times. The DR650, fun bike, did just as many modifications as you did, only to have a heavy pig on the trails. The Honda CB500x, same thing, wrong rims, crash guards that mount on the engine? and the same goes for the DRZ. The way I see it, the manufacturers are slowly coming out of the up-sell game. They want you to go from the 250, to the 400 to the 650, to the 1200 WTF? Next thing you know you find yourself trying to go up a trail and you will die alone pinned under an Africa twin weighing 2 tons. So if you are riding as a couple, doing highway, some gravel and a bit of highway, yeah I would have gone with a brand new F850GS and you would be riding instead of tinkering. Personally, I'm enjoying a Honda CRF250L Rally to hit the trails and camp. But I'm not modifying it to ride a highway. Buy the bike to suit your needs and if the manufacturers like Suzuki can't make a bike to compete then go to another. Great company but anybody who has wired the screws to hold a neutral sending unit in place will shake their head in agreement. And if anybody disagrees, sell them your DRZ for 12k and call it a day...
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