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  1. Lastly if you use wadzup as your discount code you'll get a break on the price. Oh and no I don't see a cent of the sales I just asked if I could help out my fellow riders and they were supportive.
  2. Hi guys, my dirty little secret is that I was terrified of wheelies but also really wanted to learn and improve. I looked around for a system or tool to possibly help and what I discovered is that wasn't really anything, until I found these guys. I reach out and asked if I could test it to see if was worth the investment and more importantly see if it would help me practice safely and accelerate my learning curve. After only two session I went from 5 foot wheelies to 75 feet wheelies and also it really help me find the balance point. I still have a ways to go but I wanted to share how innovative and a quality product this is if your looking to safely improve your wheelies on a motorcycle or motorbike. So whether you just want to learn how to wheelie or want to practice how to wheelie this system or tool helps you progress your wheelie because it has different settings that you can adjust and your wheelie skills progress. Here my review showing the product brief install and then into the practicing and some advice etc. I hope someone finds this helpful, I sure as heck did! Braaap! https://youtu.be/QKY10fQa6tg
  3. Hey man. Appreciate that. I thought if I doubled up on the pucks that when I went downhill on steep decents that the pucks would get in the way eh??
  4. Unbelievably great. I noticed during an uphill climb Rocky section with loose Sandy rocks that I was able to stand up on 90 degree turns and feel confident about standing up while climbing
  5. Tpipe leaking. Gong show to remove I'm going to replace it with a Samco T pipe less points of failure and better flow.
  6. Oh my God is going to look absolutely sick. This is what I just completed.
  7. If your looking to shave a few pounds on your bike or want to see how the P3 Carbon compares to Flatland Racing skid plate..this is what I did to my FE501 today.
  8. I really want to try the FC450 header but not sure what it will really deliver in terms of performance. The map switch I would of never done had I know how little it really did.
  9. Hi guys, as you know you can spend a mint trying to find the right gear, jacket, pants, boots etc. So if your in the process of looking for new pants, jacket, boots then you might want to watch this video review. When buying an over the boot pants you'll want to make sure they fit your kneebraces, (if you where them) and also ensure that the over the boot style pant actually fits over your boots. That may sound like a given but its not always the case. For example if you where a MX boots they are generally larger in terms of outer diameter and you might not be able to slide the pant over the boot or do up the zipper. The Sidi Crossfire 2's do not fit with these Olympia X Moto 2 pants but the Gaerne's Oiled balance, TDX drifters, Shot Racings X11 all do. I hope you find this video review helpful. Oh, btw I'll be reviewing a number of boots coming up very soon if your interested. Cheers WADZ
  10. Hi guys, my favorite and most recent mod~!
  11. Great build. I made some of those mod decisions and to honesty a lot of guys went down this road as well. Some managed to have success with the euro map and other went with the programmer but all in all Ive found the bike is amazing. Ive even had it on the mx track. I personally have enjoy how much torque especially when the bike is loaded up with gear for dual sport trips and when Im climbing rocky technical. I will say that when the single track is sketchy or switching back and forth fast in technical I would like a more nimble bike in terms of less weight but its all about compromise. I've tried some lighter 250s and 300s Huskys two strokes and the power is not nearly as intoxicating as a tricked out FE501! Braaap
  12. Next level. I loved this is upgrade especially in the mids but then again the sound for me gets the adrenalin going.
  13. I remember that post guys. I actually went as far to talk to FMF about doing the mod and they were very wary about it. They were concerned that 501 could break the header and if it did the warranty would not suppprt us. I will admit that id like to do the mod but you guys know im a bit of a mod junkie so that shouldnt come as a surprise. Come to think of it most of you are as well!!