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  1. SpringChicken

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    Sicass makes a relay for cheap to fix this but some splicing will need to be done. If you don't care about the turn signal indicator by your odometer then you can just remove the bulb from the indicator and everything will work right. I just removed the bulb.
  2. P3 makes a great carbon fiber heat shield for around $125. I really like it. Fits both KTM's and Husky's. It's already saved my pipe from a boulder.
  3. Will be receiving my switch today. Did you buy the eu harness or did you wire to the existing harness. I'm going to try wiring to the existing one.
  4. One more thing to add. Messing with the tps doesn't effect fuel characteristics past half throttle. That's where I feel it needs it most. Even with the eu map it still feels a bit lean up top. I'm considering getting the jd tuner just to add fuel up high.
  5. IMHO I think adjusting tps is a last ditch bandaid fix. Either that or a cost saving fix. Maybe not for the previous years but its arguably detrimental on the long run with these models because of how much it effects timing when you turn it up as high as you need to (over .70). EU map will make it decent and with a jd tuner you can fine tune it to exactly where you want it. Or just go with th jd tuner from the beginning as the eu map doesn't differ much in ignition mapping anyway. You can adjust tps up .05 and not adversely effect the bike after that if you wanted. Only reason to just do tps and not the others is to save money. I'd rather spend a little more and get it right.
  6. www.kfm-motorraeder.de I think they're in Austria or Germany.
  7. They just shipped my map switch yesterday so we'll see how long it takes to get here. How much of a difference did you notice with the black throttle cam?
  8. Thanks. Should be healed enough to ride it in a few days. Pretty excited.
  9. SpringChicken

    2017 350 EXC Cycra pro-bend hand guards

    Buy the ignition mounting bracket from the 2014 exc. It will stick out to the side instead. Fits perfect.
  10. They are saying it does. You should read up on the advrider forum. Theres a ton of info and those guys are doing a great job with instructions.
  11. My bike is apart right now waiting for new triple clamps but I'll shoot off a pic when its back together. The zeta fork protectors are super nice. I'm a little injured right now so all I can do is look at my bike and buy stuff for it lol. Im about $9000 in on aftermarket stuff and mods. It's become an addiction and I have to stop lol.
  12. All you need is the tc map switch and the 4 pin female connector if you're going to try to wire yourself. That's the cheapest route and thats what im doing. Ordered everything yesterday. Otherwise you could buy the map switch and the eu wireing harness and everything is plug and play. The harness is $250 though. The female plug is $3.
  13. Yea just get the longest ones. Fits fine.