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  1. YuriGagarin

    Cam Tower Busted

    Wow. Which hotcam did you have installed? If the valve is contacting the piston, it would make me think that the valves were floating. If you had an aggressive enough cam, did it require special valve springs to cope with the additional lift?
  2. Does the CRF230 have electric start? That might be the deal killer for my wife.
  3. In a place where nothing fun gets in, other than bicycles.
  4. Ok, that is good feedback. The throttle has been slow since I had the carb off and I did muck with the adjustment on it - thinking I was helping. I'll try and loosen up one side a bit. Thanks @doug the slug
  5. All; My throttle is a little slow on the old 2008 CRF, and I'm wondering what the culprit is. It doesn't actually stick, it's just slow to return if I snap it open and do not help it back. I only use dry lube on the throttle tube, the cables are routed cleanly, is it the cables then? I cannot imagine that much crud can really get in there, but what else could it be? They are original. Does the carb spring wear out?
    I absolutely love my Tusk rotors for my 450X. They have that "wave" look and, along with some Tusk pads, stop my bike better than before. I liked them so much, I ordered an extra set for my 2nd set of wheels. I'm becoming a big Tusk fan, and I'm not paid to say that!!!
  6. Has Honda ever brought the CRF230L to the USA? As near as I can tell, the answer is no. Google is about as clear as mud, but based on the Honda Powersports website not showing it for the USA, I think my wife is out of luck. The KLX230 might be my best option, but wanted to check first.
  7. @sumoman , Let us know what you think of your AC10's vs those Kendas after a few rides. Some of us are still on the quest for the best dual sport tire!
  8. Exactly. It is a good tire, but unless you really babied your 450 around, I would stay away from it.
  9. I have the same front and have the Kenda K760 Trakmaster on the rear of my Husky FE350. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend it on the 450X, as you'd probably rip lugs right off of it. I ride the FE on hard packed motocross tracks, but also have a 450X and knowing the power delivery on it - not the best tire IMO. I am watching your thread though! I'm always looking for good suggestions on DOT legal 90/10 tires!
  10. I've got the option to pickup a FMF Powercore for cheap for my 08' CRF450X. I'd probably swap it on for races and such. I have a mildly modded motor: 08'R Cam, QS3, Powerbomb header, FMF Q4, 165 main, 45pilot (1000ft elevation). What jetting change should I expect to have to make? I would assume up on the main 1 or 2 and not much else, but what do you guys think?
  11. I've run both the 02' and 08' cams. To be honest, I prefer the 08', as it has a much broader, smoother, powerband. The 02' probably makes more power, but it hits real hard, so if you are racing it might be a better choice, but I found it to be rather abusive to my ancient 44 year old body.
  12. I rejetted to @Leardriver 's recommendation, including the #165 main jet. Wow, the bike runs strong now! I kept chopping the throttle into corners and no flame out so far. Love that #165 on the top end too. The bike just sings now! Thanks guys. I'll be riding again tomorrow and will see how it goes...
  13. Alright gents, thanks. @Leardriver I'll start with your mods first, as I can do it before my next ride. I like the leaner main idea, as it allows me to ride in higher elevation without changing much. @Lmiinch My flameout is once every other ride, so I'll attempt your tweak the next time I check the valves, unless the problem goes away with just jetting changes.
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