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  1. vtinsocal

    pros and (cons if any) on the 05yz250f?

    cons are it's not much different then the 04, but a lot different then the 06.
  2. vtinsocal

    Bent Bars Twisted Clamps...

    yeah, i am hoping that the bars are fine. it feels like my right arm is higher then my left arm when i ride. but that might be the clamps. i know YZ's clamps slip easily when you go down.
  3. vtinsocal

    Bent Bars Twisted Clamps...

    full gear does wonders.
  4. I have been "progressing" a lot lately so i have been taking some spills. I dumped it on a birm and twisted the clamps, then i hit a tree and bent the bars. any tricks to getting the renthals back in line? and how do you line up the clamps to make sure front tire is strait? my bike is all out of wack.
  5. vtinsocal

    directions to kennedy meadows???

    coming up 395 from the south, any directions???
  6. vtinsocal

    Where to ride in Baja?

    Going down with 5 friends for a day ride on Friday. Looking for a place to ride around Ensenada. We are staying in La Fonda Thursday night and heading out early Friday morning to ride all day. Looking for single track, trails and a good challenge. Also what should we watch out for? Thanks.
  7. you could damage your fork if you ride without any oil. get your suspension done and have them replace the seals on both.
  8. vtinsocal

    Top 10 250F Must Haves...

    1. suspension 2. upper clamps 3. pro taper bars 4. chain 5. intake/exhaust 6. scotts oil filter 7. crush washers 8. money 9. money 10. mor money...
  9. vtinsocal

    Exhaust POLL

    pick the color and style you like. carbon. ti. stainless. they all do the same thing, some make more noise. some arrest sparks. others are bling.
  10. vtinsocal


    yzf is top heavy and slow in cornering (not me that says this but all the mags, and reviews) compared to the honda and other four banger 250's. change the geometry of the bike's steering and improve it in tight mx style and single track. http://www.protaper.com/eastonbars.html http://www.protaper.com/p3uppertripleclamp.html
  11. vtinsocal


    upper triple clamps and new pro taper bars can fix any problem with that bike.
  12. vtinsocal

    05 yzf handelbars

    Pro taper with new upper tripple clamps...
  13. vtinsocal

    Another Exhaust Question

    dude, the weight difference in the Dr D vs a carbon or titanium pipe is unreal. you will probably shave a 2nd or 2 off your lap time. i would recomend replacing all the parts that are available in titanium as well.
  14. vtinsocal

    $250 To Spend on My YZF

    x2. i am doing that next, needs to be done.
  15. vtinsocal

    Open Letter to Score Baja Racers

    damn, what a prick that guy was for taking off. some people are without a clue in this world.