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  1. Sorry the clutch code is the one above 16.s54017 for 09-11. For the 08 year is 16.s54016
  2. I had to double check that and is the exc model not the sxf Ktm sell them for US $250, on the other hand prox is just US$116
  3. Hey guys, last Friday i was riding my ktm 08 450 exc-r and burned my friction plates. The bike is at the shop and i was looking for options on pro-x clutch friction plates. The thing is that the 08 model has a different code than 09-11 but if i remember correctly the engine is the same. My question is will the friction plates of 09-11 fit into my 08 bike? the 08 plates are out of stock thats why i'm asking Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the reply jeremy. I'm missing the pv valves for the rmx and they are scarce. Cheers
  5. Do rm valves fit rmx cylinder?
  6. Thanks Rada. Don't really know if its worth to put that amount of money into a 10 yo bike anymore. The new ones are lighter, a true state of the art
  7. "New is always better" ...Barney Stinson
  8. Where did you get the cylinder from? And how much did you pay?. My 08 exc-r 450 was not a reliable dirt bike when I bought it (sept 2014). The previous owner looked like he did not take good care of the bike. Had to do a complete engine rebuild after 5 hours. I did some 09 updates, can remember them but never had any issues from oil transfer. My only complain was that the brand new stock cam chain tensioner failed after 10 hours and was replaced with a dirttricks one. Other must do mods would be getting the jd jetting. Beside all the above I run my bike in a FIM competition every year, ride it twice a week for training and all I do to her Is just change the oil sacredly every 10 hours and cleaning my airfilter when needed. If you buy one and don't know the owner I would suggest that you split the cases and see what's up and start from there. The last thing you wanna see is the Conrod saying hello from the bottom of the engine
  9. this might help you to check the rectifier hope it helps
  10. Jeremy, capt Ed and Dan, sorry for the late reply guys but I have been caught up with work lately and I haven't had the time to stop by the shop to get some pictures, but today y managed to get some shots of the cylinder. The crankshaft will be out of the cases by Wednesday now that I have the pro-x con rod. About the carb, was thinking to upgrade it to pwk 38 but reading Jeremy's post made me realized that I don't really need it (at least not right now) plus I rather spend money on thing that are not working.
  11. Never thought the bike was that the carb any good compared to the PWK?
  12. Sure's already late here but tomorrow i can stop by the shop and take some pictures of the cylinder. I hope that the barrel has not been replaced already cause i just bought the PV last friday and they are flying from Greece.
  13. Hey Dan, Looks like we are on a case here. I really don't know much about the bike prior when my friend bought it, but the condition and the things they did to the engine leads me to think they swap components out. i'll strip the cases this week and as soon as get to the crankshaft i'll take some shots and upload them here. I found the sliders, valves and guides for decent price on ebay so she will remain with the 2 stage valve. If i decide to keep the bike around for more than a year (it all depends if i like it or not) i may consider to get a rm cylinder and valves. What are the things to keep an eye on about the PV? i read something about the screw and thing getting lose. Any ways thanks for the help guys....i'll keep posting pictures of my progress.
  14. No worries ahahah. Yeah now i'm confused, they bike should be 88 according to the vin for the US market but they weren't available at that time. i'll look around if i can get something or if someone just jump in and can tell me the year of the bike would be just great. thanks again Jeremy
  15. What year is my bike again? Pj11-a103202 the #