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  1. raisrx251

    Husqvarna Back In National Enduros

    The first National Enduro filled 500 online entries in 4 hours, yeah this is the place Husky needs to be.
  2. raisrx251

    11' 310 CPU/Injection Upgrade

    You know a ticket is not that bad to get from Maui to the Ohau. Why not take a day and maybe in exchange you could ride that awesome trail in the video....
  3. Glad we all got it figured out. Now would someone with powers to be bring me a 2012 TXC 310, WR 300, and a TXC 449 to my riding location please.
  4. While the demo program is a great way to get new/different butts onto the seat of a Husky. It is costly, BMW has the coin but it may not be justified. This is why I like the grass roots with top dealers getting the perks as it gets them involved as well in there area. But then again why not do both.
  5. You have to admit that KTM has changed with the times better than anyone. I can remember Braking rotors being the latest and greatest, the following year that is what was on the KTM's stock. Same goes with tires, come on, we are still getting FIM tires? Of course there model of filling the podiums has helped them but it seems that Austria really listened to what the rider was looking for in a bike for the states. I am not a orange bleeder but I am finding it difficult to buy a new Husky two stroke, been there many times.
  6. I keep hearing that term from them, "baby steps". I am sure BMW/Husqvarna has the resources to know what they are doing and will figure it out. I thought when times were simpler and the the TE 610 ruled that they should have been attacking the AMA dual sport series with a truck and some demo bikes. Hospitality truck, whatever. I remember just a short time ago there was no race support and now I am nagging of wasting money on race support... I agree, go to win but it's hard when your competition has had time to fill the field and then thin the heard with the best riders. Not impossible but will take time to build a rider.
  7. Some Dude, you are saying David Knight is a little fish in the WEC the past two years? Who do you think is a big fish then? They don't get much bigger. The WEC was tried here for only 2 years but teams complained of it being too expensive for there budgets. The teams bikes may have some cool/prototype parts but aren't running the big heads on the 250's yet. Meo ran the updated frame last year but that was going to be production this year. Same goes for the FI injector. They are cool bikes don't get me wrong. There budgets are not as big as you would think. Fabrizio has done a incredible job over his WEC career picking the top riders early in there career. Looking from the outside, I personally think Husqvarna NA has sunk a ton of money into Zip Ty racing. Is it good or bad I am not going to judge. I am a east coast guy so I don't know if it is help driving sales to dealers. None of my friends ask who won the Worcs and I am sure you guys out west are not asking who won the GNCC's. No offense. Ty Davis is a great guy and wish him and his team the best. I think it is a shame they did not invest more into 1 top GNCC XC1 star, say Whibley who could put the bike on the podium from time to time. Lots of big names without a ride. Husky had good drive with Scott Summers and it is a shame that fell through. He did the best job of anyone getting people to take a closer look at the bikes with his articles etc.. The National Enduro scene would be good to see as well as it covers the entire U.S. And after all, aren't the WR, TE, TXC woods bikes? Seems like that is the place you would want to go. A lot of the race tracks seem to conform to MX bikes, here you got a series for Enduro bikes but you don't attend those? You got 500 rider entries of trail riders in a different state every event. Lastly, how about a good privateer side of things. You have a Husky dealer that sells 40 or however many Huskies a year, how about 1 privateer race bike for 1 local series plus $500.00 in parts. End of the year the dealer sells the bike and gives back to Husky or whatever...Put the dealers in charge on however it is going to bring the brand to the forefront. Just a thought.
  8. raisrx251

    2012 310 TXC on Motoshow

    I am sure the gear ratios have not changed from last TXC/TE 250 models X-light models. And pretty sure it will come with 13/50 sprocket sizes. I get that they put in a better matched ECU/FI injector. I am wondering if this exhaust will be any different than a 2012 TE 310. Still wish it would have something that would make my decision between a TE/TXC a little easier. Full Leo Race pipe from the hard parts catalog or something to that effect.
  9. raisrx251

    2010 TXC250 Low-end power

    Yeah it was not what I was expecting when I first got it but the more time on it I see that it works well. It's just hard to explain that to someone who has been on a 450. I don't have any pictures of my bike as of lately, I will try to get you one. The ones I tried were small, maybe 7/16 drill bit just to see if it made a difference. On Meo's bike they were not that big either. My bike is getting a little too pimped out and now I am a little embarrassed of it. White panels with Husky Hard parts graphics, factory triple clamps, ohlins. By the way, the black factory triple clamps don't agree with the IMS tank, unless you don't have to make sharp left turns.
  10. raisrx251

    2010 TXC250 Low-end power

    I have the matching Leo Silencer/Race ECU. It smoothed the bike out and a slight increase in power. The biggest gain I got was dropping the front sprocket 1 tooth. Another thing I just did was drilled 3 holes in each side of the rear panels. I know this sounds crazy but I swear it made a difference. I can run a piece of tape over them if it is too wet or dusty. I noticed Meo's bike had this done and was thinking it was a fairly open air box but I even had a friend ride it asked what I did to it. He had no idea I drilled the panels. Give the bike time, even though it is not a stump puller, the bike makes up for it in handling. While I would like a '12 TXC 310 (if it becomes true). I don't think my lap times will be that much faster.
  11. raisrx251

    LT Racing and the Sachs Shock

    Suspension tuners is a lot like Politics. The best thing you can do is call the tuner and talk to them and know what you do not like about the suspension before sending it in. Take a day riding and just focus on what the bike is doing when riding the trail. Stop thinking about keeping up with your riding buddy and just see if the bike turns right for you and what it is doing hitting a log or braking chop. Don't expect the tuner to return it and all clickers perfect. Lube the linkage, set your sag, and then again see what the bike is doing. I have spoken to Les and David and Wyatt, I am sure they are better at suspension than we are at riding.
  12. raisrx251

    dual sport armory...VA

    They are good people. I got a set of tires from them and one of the guys lived near me so they delivered them. Can't ask for better service than that, well I guess I could have shown them where my tire irons were.
  13. raisrx251

    What Did You Pay OTD For Your TE511?

    I have met the folks at BMW of Atlanta and can say that they are good for Husky. They have done a lot more for Husky than Husky did for them in the past for example dealer meeting in GA. Yes they sell BMW's to a upscale crowd but that does not make them less of a Husky dealer. If you have a Husky dealer and you think they are out to get rich off selling you a Husky, you must be on Crack.
  14. raisrx251

    Anyone try the husky larger tank - 2010 te250

    I have the IMS tank on my '10 TXC and I was not that happy with fit at first putting it on. Besides the seat being pretty tough to get on now the tank has settled pretty nicely. You may want to contact IMS and see if they would send you another one to try. I am not a fan of the pump being on the side and the way the wires go but what are you going to do, you need more fuel. I have a spare seat and have thought if I was to trim a 1/8 inch off the back. I know you should not have to do that but it does hold the gas nicely and does not interfere while riding.
  15. raisrx251

    Anyone try the husky larger tank - 2010 te250

    I think it is a no go unless you want to buy the 2011 Fuel Pump as well. I have not seen it in person but have heard the pumps are different in the '11's. I doubt the bolt hole pattern would be the same between the two pumps.