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    riding,rock crawling, hunting ,fishing.all with the wife and kid.

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  1. mudmixer

    Evans Creek ORV dirt biking

    Closed to riding,guys do it all the time as I used to till I got caught by the sheriff's that patrol behind the locked gates.
  2. mudmixer

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    I've ran the 525 with ultra heavy irc tubes in the d100 with no problems,the shinko has a much better sidewall than any of the kenda tires I've come across,just my opinion. Run that 525 at 12psi and you will be fine.
  3. mudmixer

    Evans Creek ORV dirt biking

    I ride Evan's alot during the summer,usually the first time up you have to clear alot of logs but after that it's good to go.there is 16 miles of good fun single track and a bunch of wheeling trails that are decently tough.i use Evan's as a testing place for people that want to go to naches and Gifford as you are 20minuts from the truck at all times if you have an emergency. I'd be happy to take a group up there and show them around once the snow is gone.
  4. mudmixer

    YZ Restoration by P841

    Really curious on your thought of the quality in the esr 325 kit,next year will be close to needing a replate on the 16x and I'm considering buying one of these or sending it to gore for the 295.cant wait for a run down video on the 325.
  5. Awesome, you scouring the yamaha's bro.looking for a new bike idea!welcome to the good side[emoji16][emoji848]
  6. Thank you, powervalve looked good,sprayed it off with brake clean, I was expecting some gum but was non existent. Pipe had no carbon,just the little on the top of the piston, head was perfect as well.
  7. Forgot about this thread,I put this in the 250x specific thread but I'm to damn happy with her to not add her to this one.2019 rebuild on the 16x!plus a pic of the 103hr weisco I pulled out,pretty damn good shape,loving the 927,little blow by,no hot crown!little carbon on top,need to twist a little harder on the s.t[emoji2935]
  8. Oh I've had a blast on that thing,me and green mt have ridden the 100's in tahuya and it actually puts up with me pretty well.
  9. Yup same,cant get rid of em,I have a yz85 in excellent condition runs great that my kid will never ride again,yet I just let it sit in the back of the garage herd,I'm sure I'll do the same when he gets off the kx100.i love bikes!
  10. Ya,I had a blast but the wife didnt really care for the poker run.the 125 is hard to get traction with the lack of torque in the mud.it was fun to watch though! You guys west side Washington?
  11. Yes sir,its coming up soon.i hope it's a mudder again.
  12. mudmixer

    Kx125 MODS!!

    Spring it for your weight and rip,i bought the same bike a few months ago and love it.
  13. mudmixer

    Uses for old parts?

    Made this clock for the wife for Valentine's day. Good use of old stuff.share some crafty ideas that you've made.
  14. mudmixer

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    16 yz250x,fresh winter rebuild,ready for the race season!
  15. mudmixer

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    I'm even thinking about getting these anodized, I want them soooooooo bad,would complete the build forsure but the wife has her foot down at the moment.im begging her at this point.