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  1. Need some help

    Clutch Help

    Goon rides, read this post over a few times, and take his advice.
  2. Need some help

    TO Deglaze or NOT to Deglaze

    What do you guys think??? Should you deglaze Nikasil Cylinders or should you not? How should you go about deglazing, or why should avoid it altogether. All input appreciated, thanks!
  3. Need some help

    Clutch Help

    I had the same problem your having on my 04 125, Once I got everything adjusted by the clutch cover per manual, I had to adjust some up by the lever too, I had a decent pull after that and the right amount of free play. Your over complicating things here, I was in the same situation your in, younger kid with minimal tools I assume.
  4. Need some help

    taming the yz 85 ??

  5. Need some help

    Am I missing anything?

    I’ve seen this bike on way too many posts.
  6. Need some help

    1994 YZ125 Build

    I’m not exactly sure about the exterior welds, nor have I ever heard about that helping anything. Hopefully someone like The Doc will help.
  7. Need some help

    1994 YZ125 Build

    Pic of the bore?
  8. Need some help

    Will a 2003 YZ 125 CDI work on a ‘04?

    Yea ig they are the same, shoulda checked before I posted.
  9. Title says it all, will it? I know I could just quit being cheap and buy the right one, but the ‘03 CDI is cheaper. They look the same but the part numbers are different for obvious reasons, anyone ever tried it?
  10. Need some help

    New to me 2000 YZ125

    Let’s just say “maintenance” was not in the PO’s copy of the dictionary.
  11. Need some help

    New to me 2000 YZ125

    Your exhaust bridge looks better than mine did lol.
  12. Need some help

    YZ 125 stator trouble

    Turns out it wasn’t the stator, still no spark. Where do I go from here?
  13. Need some help

    $26.95 piston and gasket eBay special.

    I have heard that if you buy the kit for the 125 the needle bearings are usually first to go. *Small end bearing*
  14. Need some help

    YZ 125 stator trouble

    No instructions included, or on there web site. Waiting on a response.
  15. Need some help

    YZ 125 stator trouble

    No markings or lines of any kind, have to get ahold of one of those gauges first.