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  1. nocturnal

    stock xtrainer suspension issues defined

    I'm going to look into this. Thanks for posting.
  2. nocturnal

    any of you guys excited for the tenere 700!???

    It all depends on how much it weighs.
  3. nocturnal

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    I have a 2018 XT. Put some loctite on the post that the front of the seat pan slides under. Mine came off in the middle of a ride.
  4. Thomaston Dam looks fun. I'm in NJ and always wanted to try that place. It looks similar to AOAA. Have you been there?
  5. Do you know there is a 1" lower seat available from Seat Concepts? That was enough for me.
  6. nocturnal

    Lowering suspension by 1" vs new spring??

    Did you already get the 1" lower seat. I have a 30" inseam and that made a big difference for me. After the seat, I dismissed the notion of lowering. YMMV
  7. nocturnal

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    The only way I'll sell my 2018 Xtrainer is as a trade-in on a fuel injected Xtrainer that I can plate. When do you guys think this system will go into production?
  8. nocturnal

    Beta 300 2018/2019 engine vibrations

    I have about 40 hours on my 2018 300 Beta. This is after a decade of fuel injected 4-strokes. My last smoker was a KTM200, which I sold in 2007. I had to put Flexx Bars on that bike because of excessive vibes. That said, I am not bothered at all by the vibes on the Beta. It does vibrate more at idle than my KTM 4T, but that disappears once riding. YMMV
  9. I order everything I need here and it arrives quickly. YMMV http://www.motosupply.com
  10. nocturnal

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Looks great. How is it mounted? I want to do the same thing but am afraid the fender will not hold a gallon of gas.
  11. nocturnal

    Lowering Suspension 2" on the X Trainer

    My local suspension guru told me 1.5" is the maximum he can lower a modern dirt bike without "ruining the bike's handling." I had him lower my 690 1.5" and, although it handles great, I've bottomed the skid plate more than a few times.
  12. nocturnal

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    I installed them on my KTM 690 air box. Every time I clean my air box, I find six of the round filters loose on top of the main filter.
  13. nocturnal

    Post your Beta video here..

    Today @ 96F degrees. I'm last on my Xtrainer.
  14. nocturnal

    Best 2t MPG?

    Leaner jetting yielded lower overall consumption. Less air, mixed with less fuel, will also yield less power.
  15. nocturnal

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    Yes, here is my 2018 XT in my garage.