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  1. zeke383

    yz250x opinions?

    It's not about the top speed. This is actually one thing I'd love to see Yamaha change. They did a reasonably good job with the transmission, especially when you consider they were using parts they already had. To me however, it's just not quite as good as a 6 speed box with tightened up ratios. The new 6th wouldn't have to be any taller than the current 5th IMO.
  2. zeke383

    yz250x opinions?

    Well, Kyle Flanagan just had a podium finish on a YZ250x at one of the toughest races, the Roof of Africa. I'd say it'll do anything that you would dare put it through.
  3. I tell people all of the time that the YZ brakes are more progressive rather than the quicker responding ktm brakes. I personally find the ktm brakes to touchy. Anyhow, YZ and WR brakes should feel more progressive but not spongey. If they are indeed spongey, start with a total fluid change and bleed....see if that helps first.
  4. zeke383

    TO Deglaze or NOT to Deglaze

    I use hot soapy water with a scotch brite, wipe dry then blow dry, then assemble
  5. zeke383

    06 YZ250 time for a refresh

    If you can notice that difference, your 10x the rider I'll ever be. Not being a jerk but sometimes I think the Internet creates these plecibos.
  6. zeke383

    Spanner wrench??

    I had a bike that I struggled with spring rate on. It was an unusual case but it made me think about using brass. I think your screwdriver is better than a steel punch because it gets down into the inside corner of a notch. Those Xtrigs are very trick.
  7. zeke383

    Spanner wrench??

    True, that's why I have a brass punch that I use. The punch gets chewed up occasionally so I grind the end back to shape.
  8. zeke383

    How is the Yz250fx?

    The bike itself has a different feel than my YZ 2t. Some people say they feel the weight but I say I feel the stability rather than some of the 'twitchy' feel that you can get from a 2t. Before I bought my fx, "planted" was a word that I got from severel owners and I can attest that the description fits. In tight, wooded, bar banging trails, I feel no discerning weight difference between my two bikes if that helps...
  9. zeke383

    Yamaha fan kit

    My 250fx shuts off with the bike. Interesting that the 450 continues to run. Now I'm curious in the wiring difference.
  10. zeke383

    Muddy radiators

    That was my thought. I actually made some out of rain gutter mesh. Hopefully it works. It has been an extremely muddy year here this year. If an event has a grass track, I end up spending hours pulling grassy sod out of every nook and cranny.
  11. zeke383

    Muddy radiators

    I get tired of digging out all the mud, leaves and pine needles. Exactly, it seems the louvers pull it all in then all that junk is stuffed behind the louvers and into the radiator fins
  12. zeke383

    Muddy radiators

    My 250fx seems to attract more mud in its radiators than my 2t YZ. Has anyone tried anything that actually keeps them clear? I'm running enduro engineering cages with factory louvers and the gytr fan. Do the radiator screens plug but you wipe them off when you get a chance? There's really no time to stop during a harescramble but I don't want to get her hot.
  13. zeke383

    How is the Yz250fx?

    Well, I have a 2018 and I also have a 2t yz250 that I installed the X gearing, Ecu and powervalve spring. Based on that, in my opinion the fx would be a better choice over the X for you in the desert. The fx utilizes a true wide ratio 6speed rather than a 5 speed that is only wide ratio 3-5. Keep in mind that I ride eastern woods, not desert but I wanted to point out the transmission difference. Hopefully a desert rider will chime in.
  14. zeke383

    WR Headlight on a YZ250FX

    There's a WR Chinese knock off headlight sold on eBay for around $35. I used one on my 2t YZ 250. You still need the upper mounts, upper cable guide and longer WR hose but it makes it much more affordable. The shell literally looks like it came from the same mold.
  15. zeke383

    Flywheel weight vs retarded timing.

    Don't lump them into the same category, they provide two different reactions. I run a 13oz flywheel weight, it provides lugging ability and helps prevent stall outs. I've also retarded the timing 2°, this (I don't want to say softens) SMOOTHS out the bottom end while providing additional over rev. I think this combo provides great woods power.