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  1. bajatrailrider

    Can't ride 250 until age 14

    Forget all that my 230 254cc. Has crf150f stickers fools everybody .
  2. Forgot barrnet springs great but could not get them for 230s
  3. Be very careful on anything ebc when comes to clutch's. The springs we got from ebc where weaker then stock. 3 sets in trash we will never use ebc clutch's. For our.type riding there called 1 hour clutch. Stock plates best. With washers behind stock springs. We all use easy pull clutch handle assy.
  4. bajatrailrider

    Manual Timing Chain Tensioner Stuff

    Get a faggy TM sticker priceless hahaa . I put my sticker on crapper seat.
  5. That what I found out small wheel 230 with 150 swing arm . It was ok but big time improvment . With 230 S Arm. We then ground out S Arms. To get wheel back retesting . Then set up one 230 with welded cap on S Arm. This mod moving wheel back even more. Tested again thousands of miles. Better yet so did mine too. End result since we bought these girly bikes. Now they feel like a motorcycle.
  6. bajatrailrider

    Upgrade 230 rear brakes to 250 disc

    I have a xr250r rear disk on one 230 The other stock drum brake Very little benefit not worth doing unless maybe on race track.
  7. bajatrailrider

    BBR wearhouse has burned down.

    Very sad on this
  8. Yes sir anything you want to know ADN knows I'm just a copy cat . With many thanks to ADN by the way he has not grinded his 150 arm with 18 rim but uses small 18 tire. In baja we like our 230s big or small wheel long wb . As we ride tight Billy goat trail and hi speed dirt two track rough. Bikes are more stable at speed while don't notice bad handling in tight slow stuff. Our bikes now are grinded swing arms and welded swing arm for longer wb all good as tested.
  9. Ask AND he runs 150 arm with 18in. I did not like 150 swing arm on 230. Poor handling. Returned 230 arm with 150 wheel You can also grind out swing arm slot. To move wheel back
  10. Ask AND he runs 150 arm with 18in. I did not like 150 swing arm on 230. Poor handling. Returned 230 arm with 150 wheel
  11. Not so direct fit 150 or230 swing arm
  12. Useless to biuld kick start 150f. Glad I did not do it. Got 230 put on 150f wheels cr fork xr rear shock. Ultimate lady bike 6 sp. Estart 230cc stock no broken kick start gears. Also the most wanted rode bike for anyone that visits.bike is a blast to ride also fun to watch lady out ride the boys.
  13. bajatrailrider

    Manual Timing Chain Tensioner Stuff

    Have to agree but since stock can blow engine get the good one 100 bucks. Lets me ride better thinking that little gremlin is ready to blow.
  14. bajatrailrider

    baja pictures

    Orange poppies coming in strong
  15. bajatrailrider

    Manual Timing Chain Tensioner Stuff

    Looks like same one on eBay that does not work on 230.