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  1. Hi Guys, I currently have a White Bros Aluminium Pro Pipe and Header and I am about to get a PC Type 496 for various reasons. So what I am wanting to know is from other owners of this pipe what header are you running and if you have tried both stock and PC optional s/s what was the difference if any noticed. I m unsure to go optional or stay with stock header. My preferred option is low to mid power, if I want top end I will run the White bros pipe. Also any performance comments are most welcomed. Does it have a removable end cap for opening up a bit more when noise aint a issue ? Lastly, to any others reading wanting to suggest a different pipe, dont bother, it is a brand/sponsorship thing. Thanks
  2. Puttikan

    2007 CRF250X here...:)

    Here is the link: Wham Bam Thank You Mam
  3. Puttikan

    Rear brake pads -> GONE

    And other will learn from you... It can sometimes be these type of simple things that happen that are really good to let others know about and hopefully take the hint themself. I am sure you will get your ride in, stay safe.
  4. Puttikan

    Rear brake pads -> GONE

    Buy 2 sets, that way you will never be caught again, they should be in your toolbox at all times.
  5. Puttikan

    Trail tech motorcycle computer thumbs up or thumbs down?

    I wonder if you will need a electrician to install it ? Trailtech
  6. Puttikan

    White Brothers Exhaust 250x

    It would be nice to know if there are any mods or ccc done to the bike, I run a WB Alu Pro, check my garage. Mid to Top is awesome with the WB as I have also changed the header pipe. Also slight changes to the gearing may also put the power where you want it.
  7. Puttikan

    opinons/info on this exhaust

    X are single pipe only, dual is for the 06 R only, they dont seem to list the 06 R price as well.
  8. Puttikan

    Where can I get a downloadable service manual?

    The only one which we can help you with is a pdf version of the manual which comes with the bike. As far as I am aware all other Workshop manuals are only available by purchasing.
  9. Puttikan

    I found the dallas torrent. . .

    Good find, I am still missing 12 & 13, has anyone seen them for download yet ?
  10. Puttikan

    Chain slap.

    MIne has done this too, I now have a new chain on so I have been trying to think of a way to see if the frame is still getting hit, I may tape or paint it.
  11. Puttikan

    The Service Honda Dashboard computer

    These speedos are on all Australian 450x's std, they are all setup by Honda as a wired unit with the magnet attached to the front disc and the sensor attached to the caliper, where honda slipped up is that they just put a cover over the old speedo drive and did not replace it with a spacer. They are basically the same to install as a Trailtech.
  12. Puttikan

    After market Air filters

    I run the White Bros Power Filter, I have 3 of them plus oem which are always ready to go at anytime.
  13. Puttikan

    Seat question

    I need a break from TT, I thought this was about v&*v% seats. Shame on me.
  14. Puttikan

    sensor wire pick mount?

    TJ, I wish I had done mine that way (trailtech), you need to patent that Idea even as simple as it is.