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  1. zachflapjack

    Recharging Gas Shocks

    Kind of a newbie question.. When I blew out my shock we looked around for someone to rebuild them but turns out not many people are doing this? From what I understand you can reload them fairly easy - just a new set of rings and some nitrogen. Is there something I'm missing here or is it that easy? Could someone do like a mail order thing and make some money rebuilding them or what?
  2. Went to a swap meet today. I was looking at all the clunker bikes in the cheap section and was seeing a lot of missing case halves and such on the older Yamahas and kawisakis. Which brings me to my question: could the average shmo bust out the welder and steel to fabricate his own case halves as long as the bolt pattern and sizing is right? If so then why have I never seen it done before?
  3. zachflapjack

    Taco Mini Bikes

    Is this the closest forum that I can get to the mini bike crowd? Just looking for some input on an old taco 22 I got.....
  4. Hello internet gurus, I have one of these bulletproof 230's and have loved it every second I'm sitting on it. Normally I'm riding technical trails and such - slow stuff. But last weekend we got out onto some dirt roads and picked up the speed to maybe 40-50 mph. Every now and then I would see a little puff of smoke when I really twisted it open. Now it's nothing critical and it still runs fine but I hate it when my machine is not 100%. Anyway I was thinking that one of the two valves was beginning to go or maybe even rings. I'm not too experienced on situational diagnosis so any theories are helpful. Note* The gal I bought this from used it to ride to her mailbox to get mail and when I opened it up at home the few drops of oil that dripped out were sludge. I don't think the oil had been changed since the factory :/
  5. zachflapjack

    Yamaha XT600 1986

    Probably nice ride when its running. Mines not
  6. zachflapjack

    Yamaha XT600 (1986)


    Probably nice ride when its running. Mines not
  7. zachflapjack

    Honda XR400R (1997)


  8. zachflapjack

    Honda XR400R 1997

  9. zachflapjack

    Honda CRF230F 2003

    Indestructable relaible little heavy ass trail bike. Love it.
  10. zachflapjack

    Honda CRF230F (2003)


    Indestructable relaible little heavy ass trail bike. Love it.