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  1. Mr._know-it-all

    '05 YZ125....stay away like '05 YZ250?

    I got my daughter one a year ago or so and so far I put a rekluse clutch, JD jetting, gearing and RG-3 lowered the suspension 2 1/2" and the bike is amazing. Now that it is hot in Cali. , I will tear it down and go thru the chassis and motor.....who knows a little bore and stroke might work wonders.(match the ktm 150 configuration) Good luck.
  2. Mr._know-it-all

    YZ125 jetting for slow rider

    I got the jd kit, so his needle seemed to be the best fix.....
  3. Mr._know-it-all

    YZ125 jetting for slow rider

    My daughter just got on a 125. I put in the JD jetting with a 37.5 pilot and 410 main jet. Works great at 1500-3000 ft. Runs nice and crisp......good luck
  4. Mr._know-it-all

    Ballinger Canyon

    After the rain....it should be perfect..... What are your favorite family loops? I went on some great trails but some where too steep with those bricks..... I did find your map that was colored(green,blue and black) but found it after our ride...... Have fun
  5. Mr._know-it-all

    Ballinger Canyon

    I was at Ballinger today and it was awesome...... Weather was perfect.....
  6. Mr._know-it-all

    It Is Raining In Ridgecrest!!!

    where is the ash coming from? Or is it that hot the the cactus are burning/melting? haha
  7. Mr._know-it-all

    Kennedy Meadows 7-26,27-09

    The blue square with the wigly line going thru it? As in intermiediate trails?
  8. Mr._know-it-all

    Kennedy Meadows 7-26,27-09

    Just got back from Kennedy. It was a 2 day trip with my daughter. Wow a little bit of everything...On the way up the hill, some poor guy had lost his transmission(oil trail was a give away) and the tow truck had him hooked up. The camp was almost empty and about 10 groups were leaving as we were getting there. Then on our 1st loop we got thunder storms off and on for about 30 minutes which made for a cool ride and cut down on the dust. 2nd loop we went from Troy to little horse and there was smoldering fire right up to the trails edge for a mile or so...A wierd site for sure. The weather was in the low to mid 80s but once we got down the hill to the desert it was 111 degrees. I had not been there for a few years and forgot how steep:eek: the road is... I met an old timer at troy and he mentioned some guy named Bobby who is in charge of trail maintenence....He was calling all the whoops....Bobby bumps.... Are the trails harder up at Kennedy than they were.....or am I just getting worse as a rider??? I am tired today....
  9. Mr._know-it-all

    Mammoth Lakes Ride Report 6/30-7/4

    wow awesome pictures....thanks for sharing:worthy:
  10. Mr._know-it-all

    Two Days Of Fun Up At Kennedy Meadows

    Great pictures. I am really looking forward to going. This is one of my favorite loops.... :banana:
  11. Mr._know-it-all

    Kennedy Meadows Trail Questions?

    Thanks for your answers..... I have another question....there is a loop down lower off of mahogany trail...... (34E10)boone meadow (33E28)trout creek (33E24)schaeffer Is one way easier than the other? I have listed the trails in clockwise manner......is this the best way to go?
  12. Mr._know-it-all

    Kennedy Meadows Trail Questions?

    Of the trails at Kennedy Meadows that do not dead end.....Is there a preffered way to take riders on? Example: (33E13) Jackass creek trail: Is it easier to go up the trail or to come down? (34E01) Beach Trail : Is it easier to come down the trail from Osa meadows or is it esier to go up the other way? I am going up there soon and am taking a novice rider but would like to do as many trails as possible but havent been in years. So any imput by the KM regulars would be very helpful:thumbsup:
  13. Mr._know-it-all

    ktm 85/105 tall seat

    Guts did the foam and cover for my daughters kx 100 seat. I think the also installed it for free....
  14. Mr._know-it-all

    Space Shuttle landing...

    Yea, I had not heard when it was landing....but when you hear the double boom....you know its here....
  15. Mr._know-it-all

    You missed the toughest race of the year VAJJ BOYS!

    That is a great video. Much clearer than most....The hills were crazy....no dirt just shale....everyone that rode loop 2 is in need of a new rear tire...