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  1. California

    That was a quite a large group you had there today, did you go to lake hughes road ?
  2. There wasn't enough rain to make any difference in the road going into rowher. Did it this morning.
  3. Thats a green light to get tasered by the polease, I didn't have you pinned for a vato. To each their own........
  4. That's a really nice truck bud. Do yourself a favor and take that Raiders shit off there. homes
  5. I didn't know that was considered a trail, I thought it was a FS road.
  6. Wrong forum
  7. Where is kingsnake?
  8. Other than the sprockets, the g2 throttle tamer is the absolute best upgrade for tight single track. Completely eliminates low end jumping and accidental blips over jarring bumps and rocks. There is no sacrifice to the top end either
  9. california

    I was thinking some shiny tusk Chinese crap and a really colorful stupid jersey with someone else's name on it. And racing numbers, gotta have numbers represented on the trail. Stickers, going to need lots of them also, you know cause I'm sponsored like that.
  10. california

    I just checked those out, seems pretty neat and very reasonably priced. Where were you 4 pages ago?
  11. california

    So I installed the Rekluse torq drive . Used the heavier gold springs from the kit and the clutch pull is lighter than oem. Very crisp feel but and it grabs waaay better than stock. No fade or slipping , seems to be a very good upgrade. The downsides: Considering the cost of this kit: Some of the machining looks like it was done at a high school metal shop course. (Cosmetic blemishes only) They do not include a basket, so if yours is notched, don't even bother with this kit. No crankcase cover gasket is included. Yeah, a $900 kit and they don't include a $3 gasket. "Re use the old gasket per Rekluse". They did ship one out with my kit because I told them the no gasket shit was a deal breaker for me. I don't reuse gaskets and of they can't include one, I don't want the clutch. The crankcase cover has the same logo and print as the Rekluse auto clutch. Nothing to differentiate torqdrive from auto clutch.This is unacceptable and the final determining reason I am going to take advantage of their 30 day return policy. If I wanted a symbol of perceived faggery on my kids bike, I would have bought a rainbow graphics package. What teenager wants to ride a dirt bike with an auto clutch or the appearance of such?
  12. california

    I ride nights up there during the summer months. See some strange things for sure....
  13. california

    I didn't stop, it freaked me out. Sitting on a rug, incense sticks burning, the whole 9 yards. Never even glanced my direction They were no vehicles parked on the road or staging area. wtf?
  14. california

    Yeah but usually Saturday and Sunday EARLY a.m. drives in are entertaining. Partial list: Tweaker chick jogging naked in crocs Gardening equipment scattered over 1 mile Photo shoot with motorcycles and more naked chicks Pistol magazines and holster Drunk/ hungover sleeping off previous nights party Rolled over Toyota 4x4 covered in blood and cash all over the interior (No body) A group of Hindi? Having a picnic at 5 a.m. in front of the Texas gate Ford truck over the side (with body) And on,and on.....
  15. california

    Gotcha, i guess it just depends where your headed on the bike that day. I've NEVER seen anyone staged up on quarry rd though.