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  1. A. Brake Lines 3 B. Brake Pads. 5 C. Brake Rotors. 5
  2. wr250ish

    KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Ps Why are you messing with the slave cylinder to change clutch springs?
  3. wr250ish

    KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Verify your threads , but they should be m6x1.0 . This is the kit you will need. The tap guide is sold separately and I purchase one for every set. I've done alot of heli coils before time sets were around ( known to me) and I'll never go back to heli coils. Pm me if your in a pinch ( or a tightwad) and I'll ship you out my kit to borrow.
  4. wr250ish

    KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I'm not seeing inserts in your pics. Check with a magnet. It doesnt come from the factory with inserts. I think its fairly common to strip the top one especially since the chain gaurd shares the same bolt
  5. wr250ish

    KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I had to do that on mine. I highly reccomend time sert over helicoil. Can you see an insert in the case already? I'll post a few pics in about 30 minutes
  6. wr250ish

    Cycra Handlebar Clamp Mounts

    You can rotate the clamps to what ever angle suits you....
  7. wr250ish

    How to title a new bike bought online?

    A manufacturers statement of origin (MSO) should be included with the bike or sent to you in the mail. It will also have a dealers release. Take it to dmv and they will do a verification of vin and issue a title to you. If it's a doodoo chinese throwaway bike, none of the above applies and you're limited to riding private properties.
  8. wr250ish

    Cycra Handlebar Clamp Mounts

    2nd pic is a great shot 👌
  9. wr250ish

    Cycra Handlebar Clamp Mounts

    Let me know if you need more. What are you trying to determine?
  10. I doubt your going to find many people on here who have praise for Klim anything in the last year or so. You are in a long line of posters who have had issues with klim quality and customer service. Have no idea who twisted throttle is though.
  11. wr250ish

    Cycra Handlebar Clamp Mounts

    I have those on my bikes. What was your exact question?
  12. wr250ish

    Most heavy duty mx pant known to man

    Not to derail the topic, but I really hope one of these apparel and gear mfgrs steps up to fill to void that Klim has left. I have no problem paying klim prices, but I want the quality and customer service to be just as high. Carry on.......
  13. wr250ish

    Suspension Work FE 450

    I think it's the expectation of higher quality from husqvarna that I initially had in my mind was just unrealistic. I'm going to try out a Beta, but going into it with low expectations and hope I'm suprised . My husky did learn a fun new trick though. If I rev in neutral or aggressively blip the throttle, it violently slams into gear all by itself. Yee haw!! Its like sitting on an unpredictable rodeo bull..lol Pos.......