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  1. Torq drive is manual clutch setup from rekluse. Engine braking was increased, so was acceleration. It's going to set you back about $800 , but like I said, it's the biggest percieved upgrade I've done on any bike.
  2. No , but after installing a rekluse torq drive in a wr250f, i will also be putting one in my FE450 as well. It was the single best upgrade I've done to any bike. Better than the tuner, exhaust, regearing combined.
  3. california

    Already suggested that, he was highly terrified he would chip a nail
  4. My next two victims will be the IBEX, then the M5B, I always have GT333 on hand though...
  5. Motor tractionator wasnt a horrible tire.it performed decent all the way around but didnt really shine anywhere....My biggest complaint is that it was hard to judge when it was going to let loose, very unpredictable in the corners and it didnt like running low pressure. The arena hybrid is a p.o.s. the attached pic is 30 miles of fire road with no shenanigans, just putt putt cruising and it rounded off. Very disappointed. The best all around tire I have used to date has been the GT333.
  6. I've tried the tusk cap, it's a cool novelty item. Only Lasts a few weeks and they arent very accurate. Same as @Fatt_Tones, had them just spin around.
  7. Yup Washed after every ride, sometimes not the same day but ALWAYS before the next ride, sometimes 3 times a week. A clean bike just rides better.... Oil changed after every other ride regardless of mileage. Rear tires changed when the lugs round over. Premium fuel only To each their own....
  8. I picked up a pair of the Fox instinct offroad boots and disappointment would be an understatement. Complete waste of money and most likely the worst mx related purchase I've ever made. Giant plastic pieces of chit. Comp 5 for trails are much more comfortable and durable.
  9. california

    So you're not going to build a new trailer around the ramps? Pussy
  10. california

    Wheels in motion is a joke, I went to the store on desoto looking for a new bike also. Exact same scenario, got quoted an otd price and when I showed up there was an extra 2500 " not included in the cash price" Congrats on your new bike and +1 for Bert's
  11. california

    Why don't you build them into the deck of your trailer, slides under the deck above the axles when not in use. Pull out one or all 3 as needed... lordy knows you have the time to fab some shit up. I've done three trailers this way, taint very difficult
  12. I didn't know Jeff had a chink business partner, I won't do any more business with the bolt. Yellow fever traitor.
  13. Rekluse torq drive core manual. Flat out grabs like nobody's business and feels like a h.p. upgrade. Doesn't fade or slip and has stainless clips over the basket that can be replaced for $15. No more basket notching. The only downside is the crankcase cover doesn't indicate whether it's the gay or straight version of Rekluse.
  14. I rivet all my chains. Even on the kids bikes.
  15. I haven't seen them up close so my concern is the Cam and tube being two peices. Thanks for the feedback The fitment of the hex cam to the tube is very tight. There is an audible "snap" when putting them on.And your throttle cable housing encompasses a flange on both the grip and the cam. The only way to separate the two is to open the throttle housing. It's a very secure setup. You should be more concerned about your muffler falling off be for these fail on you.