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  1. FaceDeAce

    2010 kx 250f issue

    Do a valve clearance check and re-shim them to the max gap. Once that’s done, come back and let us know what shim sizes were used.
  2. FaceDeAce

    Putting a headlight on my KX250F

    Direct wired from stator to the lights no. Wired to a battery first then from battery to the lights, it should work. Reason is the electrical power generated by the engine varies with rpm. It makes “dirty” power. Add a lights load to it and the highs and lows dips in power will be large. The lows dip enough to knock out cdi and ignition coil. The battery acts as a buffer, a reserve, smoothing the power, absorbing the high and filling in the low. Much better for the lights and the rest of the electronics on the bike. Do not do it without a battery. Christo, all you need to do with your setup now is to wire to the battery and you are set.
  3. FaceDeAce

    Is it okay if gasket maker dries?

    Yes absolutely.
  4. FaceDeAce

    2010 kx250f valves

    Kawasaki. Folks are often looking at aftermarket first to save some bucks. Lots of options. However when it comes to core engine parts it isn’t realized that oem Kawasaki is the best price for the best quality. They’re like 80$ a valve.
  5. FaceDeAce

    2010 kx250f valves

    Why buy aftermarket valves? Buy OEM valves, install, and go ride.
  6. FaceDeAce

    Is it okay if gasket maker dries?

    Perfectly fine.
  7. FaceDeAce

    KX250f cams and valve buckets destroyed!

    If this was a total rebuild, including the bottom, another possibility is too much case sealant was used when mating the halves, where the excess is loose and plugging up the oil pump intake screens. On the head gasket leak possibility, for coolant to get to the oil the bolts would have to be so loose that then engine likely wouldn’t even run.
  8. FaceDeAce

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    If you are trying to make money off of the project, experience says that most of the time you will lose your shirt. Project bikes are not money makers. That said, project bikes are major money savers. Usually it is not about the money and mostly about the experience. Then yes absolutely project bikes are "worth" it. After you have a few of them completed, you will be much more confident in assessing the value of that next used bike and better able to assess if it is worth the investment to you. Just do not set up disappointment by thinking that you are going to make fists of money doing it. After its completed, the project bike is as good or better than any other bike you could buy. Also at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. I have saved many tens of thousands of dollars over the years doing projects like this: bikes, snowmobiles, boats, cars, PWC's, trucks. Machines that we would never be able to afford to own or enjoy otherwise. I never made any appreciable money when they were sold. However, we can say we had it, thoroughly enjoyed it, and have saved buckets of money along the way. Because of the experience and the confidence now. I am saddened that I will never be able to justify having a new vehicle and I will never own new unless the lottery finally pulls my number. Yet I can guarantee we will never be walking, never be scared to take the jalopy on the trip, nor ever be short of gas money in our pockets. imho.
  9. FaceDeAce

    Valve shim question

    Not news you will want to hear, but here goes: All 4 of the valves are likely now ruined. The good news is the seats are nice now. You can run the red light and go with it, but do no be surprised if the valves do not hold clearance for long and require new shims often. Otherwise, just replace all 4 valves now with OEM valves. Buy just the bar valves. Do not lap the new valves when you get them. Just install, shim, and go ride. Recheck and re-shim clearances after 5 to 10 hours of riding. They will stay put for quite awhile after that.
  10. FaceDeAce

    KX250f cams and valve buckets destroyed!

    Visible coolant up in the valve train is not a gasket leak. A gasket leak will send oil into the coolant, not coolant into the oil. Coolant in the oil is indication of a cracked head or a water pump seal leak. The amount of wear on the cams and buckets is from no lubrication. Excess clearances will be noisy but will not cause such wear. Combine the wear from no lubrication and the presence of coolant; in my opinion you need to be looking for one of these: a crack in the head very near that lobe and bucket that is the most worn blockages in the oil galleries leading from the oil pump all through up to the head sheared pins or damage in the oil pump itself water pump seal Stiffer springs will also cause faster wear of the buckets and lobes. In extreme over stiff springs will crack the buckets and snap cam chains. Because the runtime was so short, I do not believe the springs to be the main cause. Look at the items mentioned.
  11. FaceDeAce

    Valve shim question

    Have to start somewhere. Buy a set of four 240 shims. Put it together with those. Measure. Do Math. Then go get the four correct shims.
  12. FaceDeAce

    All kinds of problems

    A. Recheck the cam sprocket timing. It may be off by one tooth or a slipped cam. You installed new valves. If the seats were not cut, know it will take a ride or two for the new valves and old seats to perfectly match. It will get better and stronger the more you ride it. B. Loose bolts on the frame somewhere. Check drive chain guard, case saver shoe. May be loose or loose bolt(s). Check the drive chain tension. Check clutch cable routing and its retaining clips. Check the plastics and seat, etc etc. C. The head cover gasket, the one that slips into notch on underside of the cover and around spark plug hole. Leak. Or the rubber washers of the cover retaining bolts. Take the head cover off. Check those for cleanliness proper placement and seating. D. Recheck the cam sprocket timing. It may be off by one tooth or a slipped cam. Do you have other FI plugs to try?
  13. FaceDeAce

    Kx250f piston cylinder wall okay?

    5$ for a bottle of the acid and 30 minutes of your time to reveal a possibly perfectly fine cylinder lining.
  14. FaceDeAce

    Kx250f piston cylinder wall okay?

    The acid will not damage the nikasil. Use with no worries. Note that only the inner diameter lining of the cylinder is plated with nikasil. The rest of the cylinder is aluminum alloy. So ... do not get acid on the rest of the cylinder. Such as holding it with gloves that have some acid on them. Just be mindful that you are working with acid. Please wear protection. Longsleeve shirt, gloves, safety glasses. The fumes from muriatic are a bit foul and harsh on the lungs. Do this outside. It is not a big deal production and it works great.After you’ve dissolved and scrubbed away the piston bits with the Scotch-Brite pads you will then be able to see if there’s actually any damage to the cylinder or not. Go from there.
  15. FaceDeAce

    expected lifespan of top end

    Depends.... what are you calling a "top end". On a two stroke that would be piston and cylinder. On a four stroke, "top end" could also include the valvetrain. Changes are determined by inspection and measuring wear tolerances. Going by hours is going to vary a LOT between riders because some guys ride hard and fast and some ride casual. 2 sets of rings changes to one piston change. 2 piston changes to cylinder change. 2 cylinder changes to a valvetrain change