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  1. Kahnloc

    DRZ400E hanging onto the revs.

    I also have this problem. Really would like to know how to troubleshoot and fix it. Also have a fcr 39 mx jds10 jet kit and 3x3.
  2. Kahnloc

    FCR39MX Help

    Just full yoshi and fcr39mx with the 3x3. I sorted out the fuel screw issue. It was completely closed so I undid the screw with the clip near the knob and straightened it out and it unscrewed with ease. Sure it was running good with the blue needle 3rd clip down and 165S main with 42 pilot. But why did he have to close up the airbox?He dynoed it and said that was the best he could get it but it was leaning out in lower gears but would run great when WOT but I wasn't satisfied so I tore it apart again. Plus the dyno numbers he gave me were really low..28hp? I opened up the airbox and put the red needle 5th clip with 170 main and left the 42 pilot. I'm gonna talk to JD again and see what they say with how it's running now. It's definitely not crisp like it was but I haven't messed with the fuel screw too much. I'm a noob with carbs and bikes but I don't know any other way to learn other than trial and error. I brought it to the guy because he has a dyno and I didn't have the time. Somehow I managed to find the time now since I wanted it dialed in better. I'll play with it more so I can give better details on how it's running now. The guy from the shop is going to speak with JD and see what he can figure out. At least he's dedicated to getting it right.
  3. Kahnloc

    FCR39MX Help

    I just tried really hard to turn it counter clockwise and it wont turn at all.
  4. Kahnloc

    FCR39MX Help

    My bad I knew I forgot something Fresno, CA 308′ Also this guy put the R&D Flex Tech fuel screw on and said he had it perfectly adjusted but when I got the carb back on today and tried to turn it its locked. It wont turn at all the wiring just spirals up.
  5. Kahnloc

    FCR39MX Help

    So I ordered the TT fcr39mx kit, added the JD Jet kit on. Popped the carb on with whatever jets/needles it had in it and it was running ok. Kind of lean. So I had it rejetted locally. I dunno what was in it before i brought it in to this guy but he had the blue needle 3rd clip down with a 165S main and 42 pilot when I picked it up.. He closed up the 3x3 because he said it didnt need it. It was running good tbh but I didnt like that he closed up the airbox so I tore it back down and called JD and they said for what my bike has(full yosh 3x3 and fcr) it should not need the airbox closed up. I put the 170 main in put the red needle 5th clip down from the top and left the 42 pilot in like they said. Bike starts up and idles good and I can rev it but only with the choke open. The moment I push the choke back in it runs great but if I turn the throttle at all it dies instantly. Any help?!?
  6. Kahnloc

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2008)

    Nice headlights. What are they?
  7. Kahnloc

    Moose Racing Racing Handguards

    Came on the bike.
  8. Kahnloc

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    Gotta be done and it helps a ton so 5 star..
  9. Kahnloc

    TST Industries Fender Eliminator Integrated Tail Light System

    I'm happy with it.
  10. Kahnloc

    Yoshimura RS-2 Comp-Series Full System

    Love the sound. Came with my bike and have been more than happy. Loud AF without silencer and super stealthy with.
  11. Kahnloc

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2016

    First bike, 3k miles in and still grinning.