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  1. JohnnyQuest

    2017 - 2019 Valve Adjustment

    Thanks. Being able to separate individual blades would help. How did you reset the chain tensioner. Did you use the special tool shown here (number 5) or did you improvise?
  2. JohnnyQuest

    2017 FE250 with KTMand Husky.com Mods

    .67 But I have the Euro map. With the US map you'd probably want a different setting...
  3. JohnnyQuest

    2017 - 2019 Valve Adjustment

    Sorry if this is posted already, but search didn't find it if it is. I'm curious as to what people are finding with their valves on the "new generation" bikes. Mine (2017 FE250) have not moved. They are all toward the tight end of the range, but they are all within spec at 87 hours. The intakes are both at 0.11mm and the exhausts are both at 0.13 (it's pretty loose there, but 0.15 won't fit). It's a tight fit to get the feelers in there. Small hands would help. Maybe teach my wife how to check them? 🙂 I have three sets of gauges, but it's awkward no matter what I use. I think individual gauges would be the best. Can anyone recommend a good set of feelers for these bikes? Maybe these: One at .004 - .005 and one in .006 - .008 https://www.motosport.com/motion-pro-tappet-feeler-gauges The intakes are supposed to be between .0039 and .0059 inches. Exhaust are supposed to be between .0051 and .0071 inches.
  4. JohnnyQuest

    2017 FE250 with KTMand Husky.com Mods

    I have 87 hours on my bike now. It runs great. I haven't done anything to it (engine or fuel wise) since my post from two years ago. I ride mostly tight technical, rocky trails when I'm lugging the bike in low gear. But I have also done several two day events that were open, fast stuff where I was screaming the engine for long periods. The bike runs great in all conditions, and I frankly haven't even thought about it in two years. I just do scheduled maintenance and ride. If I ever see someone with a stock bike, I'd like to ride it to see how noticeable the differences are. I really don't recall how my bike ran before I made the modifications.
  5. Yeah, it's a different part number. I have 89 hours on my 17 FE250 without any issues.
  6. JohnnyQuest

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    I did exactly that, and it worked great.
  7. I've got about 600 miles on my bike (rocky single track) and the horn has stayed put.
  8. I'm posting this just in case anyone else runs into it. After 400+ trouble-free miles, when I went to start my bike today, it wouldn't fire. I noticed that the map switch was dead. The bike cranked, but wouldn't fire and the speedo was dead. Then I noticed that the normal sound of the fuel pump energizing was absent too. I found that the fuse in the attached photos was blown. However, as soon as I replaced it and turned the key it blew again. It turned out that one of the wires in the female terminal that I installed (the terminal that plugs into the map switch that I installed) came loose and shorted together. I guess I didn't crimp it enough, but I tested it by pulling on it and inspecting it prior to installing it. Not a huge deal, but just in case anyone finds themselves with a dead bike on the trail, this could help.
  9. JohnnyQuest

    2017 FX350 FI Issues

    As others have said, it sounds like either lack of air or lack of fuel. I'd change the fuel filter just to be sure, and I'd remove the air filter to make sure the reed valve isn't stuck closed (not sure if the FX has the reed valve). I've also had an air filter clog once that really didn't look that dirty, but the engine would die/bog under load until I cleaned the air filter.
  10. I only bought one. The stock bracket is thicker than the 78111065050 bracket, so two are required to fill the space created by removing the stock bracket. I was able to make a shim. However, at $4 each, it's a good idea to just buy two so you don't have to tinker. Also, while the bracket works, it's not an exact fit. The bracket is held on by the blinker stalk, or a bolt (not supplied) if you are not using blinkers. Only one hole can be used, so the switch could rotate after a while, but it's wedged in there tight, so I don't think that's an issue. The rear end of the ignition switch ends up being tight against the speedo, but it fits and works. I still recommend this retrofit (Accessing the original position once bark busters are installed was really a pain), but it's a little bit less of a direct application than I assumed.
  11. JohnnyQuest

    2017 Husky FE501 Map Switch

    Can someone with a 2017 FE confirm that when you hold both the Map and TC buttons that your FI flashes (in your speedometer) per the instructions for initiating launch control in the owner's manual? I've read through all the posts and don't think there is anyone who confirmed this yet (at least with an FE). However, several people said that when they do it, only the LEDs on the switch itself flash. That's what happens on my bike. The FI does not flash. I've double checked my wiring. Thanks.
  12. JohnnyQuest

    2017 Husky FE501 Map Switch

    Thanks supatrucka, After experimenting last night with the blank, I discovered the correct orientation of the clips and got them to click into place as you describe. I've got it wired, but ran out of time so I'll test it this weekend. Thanks.
  13. JohnnyQuest

    2017 Husky FE501 Map Switch

    I've read through all the information, but one basic question seems to be unanswered: Can someone tell me if the pins just slide into the connector. I've done similar connections before (different bikes) and the pins always seems to click into place via a very small tab. However, the pins on the connector on this bike seems to just be held in place by the rubber gasket. That seems odd. Can anyone please confirm that you just pushed the new pin in as far as it would go? Also, there doesn't seem to be a required precise orientation of the pin (i.e, no distinct top or bottom). Is that true? Thanks.
  14. So if you get the ECU remapped with the EU map but don't have a map switch, which map will it be set to?
  15. Thanks! Can you please post the part number they I would need to do the same thing?