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  1. tucan

    1997 cr125 crank case issue

    http://oem-cycle.com/HONDACR125BIKEID.shtml 97-98 looks like
  2. tucan

    What size socket needed cr250 swing arm

    hate to say, but I used a standard. don't remember what size
  3. tucan

    98 cr125 gas tank any for sale?

    I've got one red with red shrouds. Shoot me a P.M. and I'll send some pics
  4. tucan

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    I think I found what I need. Thanks so much!
  5. tucan

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    do ya have a link for a 1991 cr250 pdf I having been able to find one
  6. tucan

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    I got a question to throw out there. I'm not having any luck on finding info on the power valve, as far as adjustments. I rebuild a 92 125 and got it down pretty good. is there any preload to the spring? And does the shaft that goes side to side to drive both valves need to be removed to be cleaned
  7. tucan

    Questions and a Hand IV

    I noticed on my build, when trying to go through the gears that the to shafts the forks are on wanted to move, where they aren't in the other case half.
  8. tucan

    Shifter lever rounded out.

    If you weld it, it will have to take a grinder to it to get it off when you do replace it and take the motor out to get to it. I bet you could find one on ebay for under $30. If your shifter is still good you can reuse it, if you don't weld it. Weld it and there goes another $25-30
  9. tucan

    2000 rm250

    When I rebuilt my 2000, I didn't find a crank and rod kit, only the rod. So I had to buy the rod and have it installed onto my crank. In the end it works out costing about the same. Check out http://www.kenoconnorracing.com/ or https://www.eric-gorr.com/. Both have been around for a while
  10. tucan

    Chain Slider

    I've got a brand new UFO that I ordered by mistake. Was going to ship it back for a refund, would you rather me ship it to you? lol $20 plus shipping. send me a P.M. if your interested
  11. is there a question? what year and models always helps
  12. not sure yet. lol We are just started rebuilding it. I'm not really sure how it goes together when bolting the head to the cases.
  13. any links or 'how to' for a 1991 cr250 power valve? About the time I figure this one out, my son trades for a 91.
  14. so the sooner, looser, the power valve is the sooner the power come on? For some reason this stumps me.