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    New to TT and 2011 Suzuki RMZ 250

    Being your first dirt bike, The first thing I would do is drain all my fluids, including the coolant. Change or clean and re-oil my air filter. Change my oil filter and spark plug. This gives me a personal relationship with my machine. It also gives me a chance to look over things like the hoses and the water pump, inspect the oil and the plug, check my spokes, air pressure, etc..just the critical basics. After I went through it, I would ride it hard for 3-5 hours. Then I would change the top end and inspect the bottom. Now you have a starting point for your maintenance schedule. Like the other guys said, this is where its at. As slowgs2001 said, keep an eye on the transmission. Great Choice. Good Luck
  2. JFG316

    Works Connection Glide Plate (R.I.M.S)

    So far so good.
  3. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION Established in 1989, Works Connection continues to produce quality products for all your moto needs. Unique (Patent Pending) Rubber Isolator Mounting System (RIMS) allows frame flex and rigidity properties to perform as the O.E.M. designed. CNC'd and formed from aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum. Specific design and fit for each make and model. Covers to protect frame rails but does not extend beyond rails. Oil drain access hole pre-cut into the plate for easy oil changes without having to remove the skid plate. CNC'd aluminum brackets with quality hardware for secure mounting. Skid Plate Foam included. Made in the U.S.A.
  4. JFG316

    TCX X-Helium Michelin

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    The search for perfection is a never-ending job. This is the TCX mission, constantly creating new products and driving technological innovation to reach a clear goal: the offer of the highest possible security to all motorcycle riders. Innovation. Experience. Style. This is the credo of a company working in the name of safety. Upper - Leather, padded front and ankle area. Lining - Air Tech breathable. Reinforcements - Inside suede heat guard, shin plate, steel toe cap, polyurethane heel and ankle guard, polyurethane toe guard. Buckles - Aluminum buckles, new ergonomic design, micro-adjustable and replaceable. Sole - New designed, high wear-resistant Michelin Hybrid MX sole. C.E. Certified. Michelin Hybrid MX Sole: Specially developed sculpture design to allow multidirectional traction. Customized heel angle designed to grant foothold on the footrests and fast sliding when needed. Macro-grooves area to offer traction and stability. Micro-grooves for water evacuation. Triangular micro-sculptures tread to grant stability on footrests. Special compound, tear and abrasion resistant. Micro-siped rear tread to grant multidirectional traction. Powered by Michelin Technical Soles. http://www.tcxboots.com/eng/prodotti-dettaglio.php?prodotto=188
    These triple clamps are ok. Im not as impressed as I should of been. Spending over $400 on clamps you should be stoked. I pressed my old stem into the new clamps. Installed All Balls bearings, then installed them on the bike. Right now I have them adjusted to tight hoping they break in a bit. When adjusted to where they need to be with the right amount of swing, I have head shake, and I don't like my front end to move. Another disappointment was the laser etching the clamps have in the pictures. Mine dd not come with any etching. Just machine clamps.
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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As used by Davi Millsaps, Blake Wharton, Jason Anderson of Rockstar Energy Racing. The new RS line is unlike any on the market today. The Rubber / Solid design is the best of both worlds. Proprietary urethane elastomer bushings provide excellent vibration damping characteristics. This strong and abrasion resistant formula withstands over 2200 PSI. These elastomer bushings are contained in machined pockets on the top clamp. Then, precision machined Stainless steel collars are inserted into the elastomer bushings providing a mechanical restraint while still isolating the bar mounts from vibration. The bar mount is then secured with a strong grade 10.9 bolt. The proper torque secures the bar mount and pre-loads the elastomer bushings. Pre-load ensures the bushings completely fill the pockets and isolate the bar mounts. This is a much better system than the previous conical shaped bushings. Also included in the kit is a set of 6061 aluminum bushings. These precision machined solid bushings fit into the pockets in place of the elastomer bushings and create a solid mount system. You decide which mount system you want depending on the type of riding you are doing. Then add your choice of bar mount. Bar mounts are available for standard or oversized bars and three height options in most cases. All feature offset mounting holes for adjusting handlebar location. Top it off with the included one piece bar clamp to tie both mounts together and you have a twist-free Rubber or Solid system. The lower clamp is precision machined from 7075T6 Aluminum (yeild strength of 73KSI). Set includes R/S Top Triple, elastomer and solid bushings, bar mounts, one piece bar clamp, lower triple clamp and hardware. Made in the USA! Stem and bearing sold separately but will be pressed at no charge.
  6. JFG316

    Factory Effex Suzuki B4 Gripper Seat

    Awesome seat cover
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    DESCRIPTION The B4 features super durability high grip seat material to keep you in place, and heavy duty DuraTech ballistic nylon reinforcements to prevent knee brace wear. The seat includes raised OEM logos, just like the TC4. Track-tested by the FX race teams, the B4 is the pro riders' seat cover of choice. FEATURES Toughest Seat Cover on the Market Heavy Duty Grip Pattern Material Ballistic Reinforced Knee Area Optional BUMP for increased control
  8. JFG316

    ProTaper Twister Throttle Tube

    This throttle tube rocks.
  9. JFG316

    ASV Inventions F3 Series Pro Pack

    Awesome levers.
  10. 4 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS & INFORMATION Unbreakable Design Adjustable Reach Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Process: Forged Steel, Sealed Bearings on Pivot Chrome Silicon High Tension Spring Stainless Steel Fasteners Completely Rebuildable 3-Year Guarantee Available in Black, Red & Blue Anodized Colors FEATURES Pro Perch that includes: 1) Integrated Thumb Operated Hot Start Lever 2) CNC Adjust on the fly cable adjuster 3) Double bearings between the perch and lever 4) Nylon "Rotator" Sleeve between the perch and handlebar to allow vertical movement to further reduce the chances of breaking a lever 5) Built on dust covers
  11. JFG316

    Tag Metals Racing XT-1 Braced Handlebars

    Awesome bars.
  12. JFG316

    FMF Racing Factory 4.1 RCT Full System

    Awesome exhaust.
  13. JFG316

    Wiseco Top End Kit

    Wiseco Top End Kit Part # (PK1877) 77MM STD. BORE 13.4:1 STD. COMP