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  1. mrvideosawyer

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    I have NEVER had good luck (making some extra cash, I am retired) with rebuilding old Japanese dirt bikes. I have rebuilt from the frame up a Honda TL125 a Kawasaki 250 KLR and now presently on the lift I have a Suzuki DR125. I have ALWAYS had luck rebuilding old British bikes. The parts for British bikes are available and at a RESONABLE cost and people will pay a good price (fair) for my machines. I will give you an example, I bought my little Suzuki with 2500 miles on it. The bike was lacking performance and bogged down when climbing a hill so I decided to look into the prob. Someone had replaced carburetor with a different type so I tried to find proper carb - 350.00 bucks for a carb - WHAT, I didn't pay that for the bike. I think someone took old carb off and sold it on ebay. But, the person that retrofitted the replacement carb did a good job and I decided to plug on. After much looking I found a carb that looked like the picture (matching specs from workshop manual) and with a little work I got carb to fit (30.00). Bike runs great now. My point being is that any Japanese dirt bikes over 10 years old is just a money pit. They are and always have been throw away bikes not ment for the long haul. Most British and Harleys and any quality machine were pushed into a corner if not working and left there until someone says "hey, look what I found" and those machines get rebuilt and on the road again. Now I will say that Japanese road bikes are a different story and I would prefer to ride on road - but parts will be hard to find after 10 years. Please this is not a I love British bikes kind of rant but one of parts are easy to find and reasonable not so with Japanese bikes.
  2. mrvideosawyer

    1994 Suzuki DR125 carburetor interchange?

    Hello out in computer land - I bought a little Suzuki DR125 and have found out the carburetor is not the one that came on bike originally. The bike does not get up to speed and misses at a higher speed (I know it is only a 125 but it really should do better). According to the shop manual it takes a Mukuni BST31. Does anyone know if another carburetor can be used? Thanks in advance, jim