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  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING! Ordering now!
  2. These are great and all in one place! Thanks for posting!
  3. Thanks Krannie. Its experience like this which I value. I'll get started with those right away and post the results.
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    Love it! Great Power. Amazing on difficult terrain.
    Love it! Great Power. Amazing on difficult terrain.
  5. Hi all! I just got my new 2006 CRF 450X and love it! I was wondering if someone could point me to the right jetting. I ride in Colorado around 5300-8000 feet. Air box opened up with a twin air filter Removed exhaust insert. Right now I have: Main 160 Needle position (dont know yet) Pilot 45 Seems to start and run good but I notice a lot of popping on decel. I know I'm not re-inventing the wheel here so any advice is much appreciated.