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  1. all problems have been solved; bike runs great! thanks again for all the help you guys.
  2. Just wanted to update you all; my bike had the most simple of issues. When I went to take the jets out/check my main jet, the jet fell out of the carb.... somehow, the main jet wasn't screwed in all the way. Screwed in the jet, no issues. Very dumb of me not to check first. Thanks to all
  3. I ordered a 158; if she runs better with that, then I'll go get me a 155! Besides jets r us, could I pick up a jet or two at the stealership? The fcr is such a common carb, I'd be amazed if they didn't have jets.... also, I don't know if this contradicts the whole lean / rich arguement, but I ran the bike without the airbox cover on, and took the filter off the bike and it ran a little worse; less torque, still hesitating/mild bucking at WOT in high rev range. This is why people on the Facebook DRZ page reccomended richer main. Some also reccomended toying with needle clip position. My bike is 70 miles away from me during the week; as I attend college away from my garage. Friday I'll be back tinkering with it, and I'll see what jets are in it for sure, and where the clip is located on needle. According to keihin-fcr, I got a 160 main. Many other with nearly same mods had run 160 mains and said it ran like a "scalded ape" so, it's just odd. I also want to order a 41 tooth rear sprocket for my sumo wheels; I hate the 44. If anyone wants to trade; buy it, it's yours.
  4. Very odd. Given my mods, every post I read in thumpertalk, and even burned suggestions, pointed at 160 main. I ordered a 158 but I'll order a 150 just for you bud!
  5. My bikes already running lean; why would you endorse a 150 or 155?
  6. I will do such! Just ordered four or five jets. Followed instructions on their website; do these part numbers look good to you all? Yes, I went oem keihin.
  7. Will be testing this theory out this weekend. Where should I order jets from? I don't want to have to get a whole jet kit; just need two mains. Thanks to both for your help.
  8. Old; my guess is maybe an oem plug. I've never changed it. This was right after WOT run. I'm familiar with plug testing!
  9. Plug in pics. Looks lean to me.
  10. Just picked up my fcr for my 400s converted SM. Purchased from Jetting is 160 main 45 pilot emn needle, 3rd clip, as per the website. I also have a powerbomb header, powercore 4 slip on, and the usual 3x3. Carb was a PAIN to get on as I'm sure you all know, but it's on. Bike fired up, idles great, and blipping the throttle sounded mean! That said, i feel The bikes top end is lacking; something is not right. All is good up until about 3/4's to full throttle. In the upper rev range, it's even more noticeable. The bike is only able to do 87 on its 15/44 gearing, and I know it should be able to do a bit more than that. The bike sort of Boggs, or kind of pulsy at WOT; it almost feels stronger at 3/4's throttle. Ive posted in the DRZ Facebook page and lots said I should run a bigger main.... I questioned that. 160 main is what many say is right on, if not, a tad rich... i took my air filter off and also airbox cover and drove it, and performance was worse. Less torque and less power. I'm pulling the plug right now to analyze what it looks like as well. Others suggested fuel screw adjustment, but I was under the impression the fuel screw revolved around pilot circuit. My bike idles perfect, and starts great. Also has pretty good kick in torque at 1/2 throttle, so I'm a bit confused. Any advice?
  11. Unfortunately, I'm a bit interested in keeping mine for when I've got my rack on it! With summer coming I'm looking for some weigh saving mods for a little more speed, so I'd likely want to hold on to it... I'm sorry brother. Would you be interested in selling it though? Or just want a trade?
  12. thats exactly what it was. bike ended up selling before i could grab a look. thanks for the help!
  13. Good evening everyone. Just wanted to throw out a "parts needed" ad for some spare used or new parts anyone may have laying around. I've got a DRZ-S with Warp 9's on it, that needs a SM sized rotor. the wheels have the stock S rotor, and braking power is garbage. If anyone has any lines, rotors, caliper relocation brackets, or anything brake related, let me know! Also, if anyone has a used FCR, let me know. header pipe? interested there too, i only have the slip-on. subframe from E-model, interested in that too. bars and grips, plus levers. (my bike was stolen a year ago and the brake lever is bent like a sailors hook, haha!) any other performance enhancing parts, i'm interested. eBay is looking sparse on fcr's, and i dont mind used stuff, so might as well ask here! Thanks guys/gals. ride safe!
  14. I mm just thinking this may be a "built up" 610sm and someone dubbed it an R....
  15. Hey guys, DRZ guy here... I'm in the market for another sumo, and have come across a peculiar bike that i cant find much info on. Its a 2000 Husky 610 SMR... Now i know about the 610 SM, but the R? i cant find anything online about it. guy said it was imported, and its only got 2,000 Km's on the bike. what do you all think? kick start on left side by the way, black husky case savers. ill try and add a photo. drz's fun, but i'd like another bike on the side, and I've always loved husky's. especially mental ones...