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  1. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    I appreciate all the input. I’ve got my work cut out for me, starting with evaluating the front suspension setup while the bikes waiting for parts to arrive. Then I’ll start practicing my technique. I’m guessing videoing myself will be the easiest way to improve body positioning and technique
  2. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    Chuck, I think you need to share more riding videos on that YouTube of yours
  3. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    I never set out to race the bike, the fork swap and other modifications were done to lighten the bike, and it has been a fun project. I still have the original forks which have progressive rate springs and emulators and the worked well at slower speeds, but I felt I was over riding them on faster trails. I love the XR200 engine, it works well for almost all the riding that’s available in my area. I ride by myself 99% of the time so I have no doubt my minds eye and my actual body English don’t align. I appreciate the input. I am all for joining a club, as well as getting one started in my area.
  4. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    I’m having a fair amount of trouble finding anyone in my area to ride with... dirt bikes aren’t smart phones, so they tell me. I’ll do some tire shopping, the bike will be down a week or so anyway, while I wait for the new gear selector shaft and selector cam to arrive
  5. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    The corner(s) i had trouble with were flat, little loose dirt/rocks on top of hardpack. A few off camber down hill spots with some small rocks- tennis ball size that caused the front to want to wash causing me to have to stab my foot down. I live on the side of a hill and have trails all over my 20 acres and didn’t change my setup from what works at home, although I won’t say my front suspension feel “dialed in”. I’ve only had the washout problem at home when I’m trying to corner sharply at higher speeds in my field. So I was surprised it was so prevalent during the race. I have been trying to ride the bike everyday since I got it back together this spring. The front tire is a Michelin s12 xc.
  6. LostIn207

    Jday Offroad @ Hemonds

    I raced in 200 c, was ninth on first lap and got a dnf after I broke my shifter and was stuck in 3rd gear
  7. LostIn207

    School me in combatting front tire washout

    I had problems a few times on loose sidehill trail obstacles which caused me to have to stab my foot down to catch the bike. But it washed out on me on a corner (which partly may have been much speed) causing me to dump the bike. I’m curious if body position in those situations would prevent it. I’m running a 90/90-21 with 12psi, .37kg springs, and when I made the aluminum front hub spacers, I had to add .070 to one in order to keep the fork legs from binding.
  8. I rode in my first ever enduro/harescramble this past weekend in a 200 novice class, running against a lot of 125 two strokes. My bike is a 1996 XR200r with 07 cr85r forks, 21” front wheel with 12psi, .37kg factory connection springs, 5w racetech oil set 102mm from top, sag around 3”. I had a few problems, but one of the most annoying was front tire washout. Twice cornering and a few times on trail obstacles. It was reoccurring enough that I kept checking to see if the front tire had gone flat. What can be done to prevent this? Rider positioning, suspension setup, etc. The other problems resulted in a dnf when I lost my shifter to a stump and bent the gear selector shaft. But it was a lot of fun and I was surprised how well the bike did in the woods in comparison to the 125s
  9. LostIn207

    Right clutch cover cam follower replacement

    I know you said inside the US, but this may be your only bet https://www.tytrials.co.uk/trailandtrialsuk/prod_504579-6-Cam-Follower-Decompresser-TLR200-Reflex.html
  10. LostIn207

    XR200R Best Bike for ST?

    I’ve been eyeing the betas- xtrainer or 300rr but will not give up my XR200r. As I’ve read from the start, these lightweight or weight reduction projects start out dropping big weight quickly, but then quickly slow to a crawl. Starting with the sweetheart 200 engine, you’re not dealing with a starter or battery, yet I’m having trouble finding that 200lbs mark on the scales. I feel like I’m overlooking a bunch of things. But even at 216-218lbs ride weight, this is a great bike for woods riding in Maine. Now to take a trip west....
  11. LostIn207

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    Well i think it’s done. Atleast for this season. Final mod list: •2007 CR85R fork swap with .37g factory connection springs, custom aluminum stem, zeta upper triple clamps, 1 1/8th bars, 21” Buchanan rim with crf150r axle with aluminum axle spacers, caliper from CR125/250 with applied racing adapter bracket •1988 XR250R aluminium swing arm with 1984-85 aluminum wishbone and linkage, 96+ xr250r KYB shock shortened to 13.25” center to center, 18” excel rim from Dubya with 110/100-18 pirelli MT16 with tubliss • 2005+ YZ/YZF stainless pegs and frame brackets mounted with aluminum adapter plates. •EBC HD clutch kit with clutch pivot arm lengthen 1”. Supertrapp E.A.R. muffler. I plan to strip it to the frame this coming winter and powder coat the frame. +1 or two teeth for the rear sprocket, maybe an XR’s only header, and I want to put together a lower seat for technical rides. The Hi-Flite seat is really nice and it’s comfortable but it doesn’t squat much and makes off camber re-saddling tricky. I had to machine .150” off the applied racing caliper bracket and full size CR caliper for spoke clearance but it went together easily and there’s much better brake control now. ^ I can’t decide if I should use the number plate strap or trim it off. Opinions? I took the peg adapters off and spent a little time on the Bridgeport with them removing some extra material and smoothing them out a bit. Final numbers are -2oz from original cast pegs and brackets. These YZ pegs are twice as wide which makes a day of riding a lot more comfortable. I wouldn’t want them any further back, but another inch lower would be ideal. I’m pretty tickled with this bike.
  12. LostIn207

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    I based the 13.25” measurement from this shock that was on the bike when I bought it. Im not sure what it came from but measures 13.25” or a little shy of
  13. LostIn207

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    Speed holing and dishing Upper mount cut, moved center down .465” and recapped with bronze bushing The ol’ standard “lower clevis bolt hole moved up 1” and linkage clearanced” Final: 13.25” center to center length
  14. LostIn207

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    I did a ride the other day and have mixed feelings about the .37kg fork springs. It rides nice when scooting along at higher speeds, but when going slow I’m getting some tire deflection. I dropped the front tire pressure from 18psi to 12psi and it helped but didn’t cure it. Im wondering if gold valves would help this? Compression clickers backed all the way out. The new side panels were already pretty scuffed so I got some 3m vinyl off amazon. Amateur job but it will serve its purpose. Next two to-dos are CR dual piston caliper with Applied racing bracket and a 96+ xr250r rear shock (thank you CaveMike) . I’m going to move the clevis holes up and also press out the thrust bearing on the top mount and move the hole down with a bronze bushing, trying to keep eye to eye distance as close to 13.5” as possible without cannibalizing the swingarm linkage.
  15. LostIn207

    Will a 230 motor fit in a 200r frame?

    Any updates on the EFI conversion?