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  1. breakwellmz

    A strange but lovely home built special

    Sorry i meant to add this bit! It`s not mine bye the way. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Greeves-Hawkstone-Special/303087975894
  2. You`re not going to see more than one of these-
  3. How times have changed! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/twinshock-Maico-250-gs-enduro-1966-67/183708688207
  4. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    Great minds think alike eh?! I like an MT43 on the rear as well! ☺️
  5. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    Interesting shaped guard what`s it made out of?
  6. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    Hi Thanks for that, really nice of you, but i think `design` bit might be pushing the the point a bit! Financial circumstances and inherent `care` with money as well as hating the`throw away society`means i end up trying to do my bit to get a decent life out of stuff, as well as encourage others to do the same. Your tales of cooking up chain lubricant potions remind me of the tins of Castrol (?) chain grease that you would heat up on a gas ring with your chain, let cool, wipe off, and fit; what a bloody messy job! Cheers
  7. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

  8. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    "Mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood....." It`s a lot softer to land on than rocks as well! ☺️ It`s for those same muddy conditions i`ve fabricated and fitted a stainless steel plate that sits vertically between chain and tyre stopping collected mud from being forced through the chain.- Cheers guys.
  9. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    For a second i thought i was looking at one of these, obviously not.(MZ 500 Saxon Country)
  10. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    Well ,what have i started?! I didn`t think my little contribution would (in some people!) bring out such strong and opposing views, if i contribute again perhaps it should be something less controversial like politics or religion, thank you all whatever. What we all really want is one of these fitted to our bikes, go on you know you do. ☺️
  11. breakwellmz

    BRAND NEW 18 FE 501

    Have you never seen lawnmower racing?
  12. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    "Always with the negative waves, Moriarty." My logic it that lubricant put onto the inside of the chain, as well as lubricating the the rubbing surfaces between sprocket and chain(and keeping the O rings `wet`) flings grit/mud with it through and off the outside of the chain by centrifugal force as it goes around the radius of the rear sprocket. Hence the reason for using a bio chainsaw oil. This is a trail bike (i`m in the UK) which is used on road between (usually) wet/ muddy off road sections in my case. A push or two on the bulb once back on the road does the business. That does look like oil on the rear rim in the photo but it `shine` from the flash. I think the added weight must be all of two to three ounces! I wonder how many units Scottoiler (and quite a long list of other chain oiler manufacturers) shift a year to people that don`t need them? Cheers ☺️
  13. breakwellmz

    DIY chain oiler

    Thought some might be interested in my cheap and cheerful chain oiler. It consists of a mower/strimmer fuel primer bulb, a redundant radiator overflow bottle, a bracket, some 4mm ID/6mm OD tube, a smaller piece of tube that sits within the latter, and a bottle of bio-degradable chainsaw oil. I think the photos explain the rest of it.
  14. breakwellmz

    Is this a "real" Keihin?

    Yep!I think he is mixing up Chinese people with canines! ☺️
  15. breakwellmz

    Reviving an atk 406 mx 2 stroke from abandoned

    That`s a shame mate.☹️ You have ridden it i hope, what`s it like? I`d forgotten about some of the unusual `features` it had until reminded by your photos- countershaft disk brake, constant chain tension, (early) USD forks. It looks good.