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  1. bully250f

    Can I Convert MX bike to Raod legal?

    Thanks , yer I'm in victoria we have to wait until we are 18 over here. I thought I might just be able to get a rec rego, So looks like I need to get another bike. Luckily we are getting LAMS here soon so I will be able to get a dirtbike up to 650cc. at the moment I have been looking at a vor 530 02 model looks trick anyone use this bike on the road and trails how does it go?
  2. Hi, I'm turning 18 and can get my motorbike license. Here In Australia we can have most enduro bikes registered for on road use such as WRf's EXC's husky TE's Husaberg etc. Now I am wondering if it would be possible to add some stuff like lights and such to my 02 RM125 to get it a roadworthy certificate instead of trying to sell it and get a different bike. Can this be done?
  3. bully250f

    Almost Flipping It!

    A good technique that might help which i picked up from an instructor here who was taught this by jeremy mcgrath is to sit right up on the gas tank and hook your heels under the pegs this allows you to keep your weight forward and not slip back when the bike takes off.
  4. Hey thanks for all the input guys. i have decided to go with mxballer's idea though and scrap the whole tabletop thing lol. actually I think I will make it about 5 or 6 foot and see how it goes ... I can always change it if it isn't working well. planning on getting the track done over the school holidays which is the next 2 weeks will get back to you all with pics when it's done
  5. yer I have access to plenty of dirt and equipment. i know that it can vary but I would like to know a rough estimate of what the jump face should be if i am going to clear 50 feet when hitting it in bout 1/2 to 3/4 throttle in 3rd gear on my 125
  6. bully250f

    How many of you wear chest protectors?

    Only just started racing but always wear my chest protector. i think it's just common sense especially on a mx track it can get pretty dangerous out there. I even wear it when just mucking around at home on jumps and stuff you never know when something will go wrong and your torso will cop a beating. I was glad I was wearing it at home recently when i endoed on a 50 foot table and ended up with my bike on my back. and they are not that uncomfortable I sport a fox airframe which is very light and you could wear it inside the jersey if you wanted I have tried the pressure suit type Armour too and they are great too both I find once you get going you can't feel them, and your minds on bigger things. As for it covering your jersey number, I have my number stuck on my protector
  7. Ok I'm new to the whole track building thing and have currently got a sort of track that includes 1 berm 3 small ski jumps 4 whoops and a tabletop. I have decided to build more of a track and add more obstacles and alter existing ones and incleude more corners turns and berms. I took the measuring tape out after I learned from doing a search that the jump face should be 2.5 - 3 times longer than the height of the jump. This was helpful information however I would like to know how tall a jump should be for the length of it. you see at the moment I have a 3' 7-8ish" high tabletop, the jump face is only 7' long So I know I need to make that a bit longer but I also need to make it higher also. At the moment the distance from the top of the face to the bottom of the down ramp is about 50" So as you can imagine I need a lot of speed to clear it and I know that the height being under 4ft isnt right. There is massive gaps in my track at present so this is not such a problem but when i add more obstacles and corners I will not have as much of a run-up therefore would like to know the appropriate height of a 50' table. also what sort of an angle should it be after reading the Medsker college Link - http://www.skidlidvideo.com/TrackBuilding/Medsker%20Racing%20College.htmpage I'm not sure whether to have it as 30 degrees or if that would be too steep for a jump of this length. please if any one can tell me the right angle and height of a jump face for a 50' tabletop Thanks in advance BuLlY
  8. Ok im in australia bikes cost around $8-10k new here so used bikes are more expensive than over there in the states. Im leaning towards either an 05 yz125 or a 03-04 yz250f not sure if i want 2 or 4 stroke yet. the 05 I was looking at in an add is very new looking hasn't done much work at all and seems to be the way to go at the moment but the lure of the easier to ride 4stroke is keeping my options open what do you guys think?
  9. yer I thought that an opportunity to sell at this price wouldn't come along again. now the million dollar question get a 04-05 model 2 stroke or 03-05 4 stroke?
  10. Ok everybody i have been riding my current bike a 2002 Rm125 since October 2006 with little experience on any types of bikes previous to that. I have as you can imagine improved my riding ability significantly since then and I am feeling more comfortable on my bike. last weekend i competed in my first race and while I was at the back of the pack I didn't come last in both my moto's so i was happy. Now my bike is 5-6 years old and I have encountered a few fairly expensive problems in the short time I have had it as a result of things just wearing out. It was owned by two people before me and was raced so things were bound to wear out. Now I purchased the bike for $3000 and have put about $2000 into it for repair bills(big end bearing, crankcase and transmission problems) and little things like bars and sticker kit. The bike is fine now and running great and I don't expect any major work needed to be done (apart from piston and rings) for quite some time. Now im only learning so the need for a brand new four stroke is not needed to give me a little edge over the competition. the fact that I am one of only a few still with a 2-banger doesn't worry me because I know i am not using any where near the bike's full potential anyway. Now getting to my problem i received an offer (I didn't have it 4 sale) of $4500 for my bike which I consider to be pretty good. i wasn't thinking of selling my bike, however the thought of upgrading to a newer model bike appealed to me. Now here in australia $4500 will get you a 03-05 model of any of the major brand 2stroke 125's and would get you a 02-04 model yz250f 04-05 model kxf/rmz250 and 04-05 crf250. i am unsure what to do whether to just keep my bike for a few years or get a newer 2 stroke or get a 4 stroke which i found easier to ride when i had a test ride on a yammie. my main concern with the four strokes is cost of maintenance but if i found one with little hours i would be fine I think. any opinions advice or comments are very welcome thanks in advance. and sorry for the huge post
  11. bully250f

    BIke stopped! and wont Start! Help!

    hmm well thats what I thought but The new top end I put in like 2 months ago wouldnt have had that many hours on it so just checking. what causes it to seize up apart from just wearing out could I have done something wrong to make it happen or would I most likely just done more hours on the top end than i thought?
  12. Hello everybody, I am a very big newbie and have had my bike for a bit over 3 months, it conked out this afternoon whilst riding, when I tried to start it up again the kickstart lever was stuck and wouldn't go all the way down. After I pushed it all the way back to my shed the kickstart lever had loosened up but it still wouldn't start and when it sounded like it would it lets out a loud noise then dies. I do not know much about bikes yet, but I assume its engine related? please help me out, Thanks in advance BuLlY
  13. bully250f

    Repacking my Muffler: How to

    thanks doesn't sound to complex ill give it a try just one quick question is there any ceertain type of repacking material for my muffler and where would i get some