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  1. I bought some IMS replacement pegs for my 2013 YZ250 after breaking one and loved them. Later on I found they don't fold back like stockers correctly and would get stuck on the brake side. Make sure completely compatable b4 buying. The wider stance and sharper teeth are really nice.
  2. MotoBilly

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    like this, yes done that.
  3. MotoBilly

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    I got the pipe because I thought it looked pretty gnarly and tough. It is made to take the stock pipe. I dont know if it takes my still mangled PC pipe though. With the way its working so far I wont need to replace it again for a long while.
  4. MotoBilly

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    I have put one on my 2017 Husky TE250 after bending it and a PC pipe. I have the SXS slide plate which also protects the linkage. I bought a BnB offroad pipe protector out of Australia which connects to frame with oem holes and provided brackets. I was able to leave the SXS on and add the pipe protector and havent bent or damaged a pipe since. Not sure with other brands if this is possible.
  5. MotoBilly

    Feast your eyes on this!

    I have been lucky enough to ride out there a handful of times from when he was 14 to recently. He even asked if he could ride my new at the time 13 YZ250 when I took it over there and ripped on it. His SX track was pretty gnarly and I didnt even try riding it. Too old. The Tomac ranch is pretty impressive. Hope this weekend is not too muddy and he does well.
  6. MotoBilly

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    When I was in Australia in 2004 they had a street legal YZ250 two stoke. I wanted it.
  7. MotoBilly

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Yes. I have tried carbon pipe guards and eventually enough hits or coming down on logs made me try a bash guard mounted to frame. The pipe would eventually bend right where it comes out the the head. Causing its own problems and headaches. Sometimes the pipe repair companies dont get this repaired correctly either. Have not bent a pipe all this summer. Love my pipeguard except for having to clean it in the muddy situations. I like the screen. I need to build or try something like that. Does that help alot?
  8. I might have to give that a try. Thx.👍
  9. worth a try captain. Thats funny. Think Aaron Rogers would approve?
  10. yep i have probably bruised my inner ribs 6-7 times esp. when I used to desert race. 6-8 weeks of no coughing etc.Nothing I found yet has worked. I was wearing back protection on my ride a couple weeks ago. Nasty steep descent in heavy rain and i slipped front wheel on slick log went sideways and my rib on back left side hurts still. Thought it was broke but xrays say no.The inside rib area very vulnerable. Thats why I wonder what quarterbacks use. Helmet to ribs on full extension of throw? ouch. Maybe hockey gear might have something. Always happens when you least expect it. This thor upper vest has upper shoulder, arms, front for chest, and back cover and my rib still got it. I need to stop falling or fall a different way.
  11. not to change subject but how about protection for rib area under armpits. Seems like I have bruised that area with handlebar and rocks even though I had good protection. Maybe a flak jacket like quarter backs use when exposed during throws.
  12. MotoBilly

    Skid plates, Uhmw vs aluminum

    My friend has the emporer on his ktm 250 and i have a B&B similar. I think the only part I dont like is the mud buildup. On both of ours it can be alot. The front wheel throws it right down between guard and pipe. I modified my SXS with it for guarding the linkage and sliding smoothly over stuff. The mud is a lesser gripe over no more pipe dings. I always seem to find the nasty sniper pipe destroying rocks.
  13. MotoBilly

    Scratches in plastic

    I scratch mine all the time throwing a leg over the bike too. I never tried to clean them up but over time and with different newer bikes I put decals over fender when new or if forgot or already scuffed. I have gotten clear decals that I would replace with newer one over time. Its all part of being shorter and dirt biking. Good luck.
  14. MotoBilly


    Maybe not hard enduro yet but when Eli hadnt gone pro yet he raced WORCS in 2010 Phoenix WORCS Pro Bike Overall Results: 1. Taylor Roberts (Yamaha) 2. Mike Brown (KTM) 3. Kurt Caselli (KTM) 4. Tim Weigand (Honda) 5. Ricky Dietrich (Kawasaki) 6. Destry Abbott (Kawasaki) 7. Eli Tomac (Honda) 8. Robby Bell (Kawasaki) 9. Colton Udall (Honda) 10. Justin Soule (Kawasaki) not bad👍
  15. MotoBilly

    Considering a 250fx...

    The 2stroke hit is going to be missed. And lighter too. Maybe Yamaha will add the tuner option with phone app like YZ450f in 2019. I still like my suspension better on FX than on my TE. Maybe in future Yamaha will work on getting rid of vibration on 2-strokes.